JSC Magadan introduces an innovative system of electricity

Branch "Magadanenergosbyt" JSC "Magadan" sets in homes, businesses and institutions of the Kolyma innovative automated system of electricity that will power engineers remotely without the supervisor to monitor the amount spent by some consumer kilowatts. AMR — the leading trend in the energy sector. This know-how to implement energy suppliers and service departments around the world.

"AMR has a high degree of accuracy, this modern system is designed to improve the efficiency of energy use, to ensure rational energy efficiency, automate financial and calculated the relationship between energy provider and the consumer, — said the deputy chief engineer of" Magadanenergosbyt "JSC" Magadan Vitaly Karimov. — It is beneficial for the power industry, and for the recipients of electricity. The subscribers, we have established AMR, not necessarily every month to transmit readings to Energosbyt. Now, we do keep track of the data from the meters. We send receipts to customers with ready calculations. The subscribers can only pay for the service provided, and at the same time to control their energy consumption. "

With AMR — based on accurate calculations of electricity used by each subscriber of an apartment building — can be clearly identified on the consumption obschedomovye needs. In addition, the innovative system allows real-time tracking of the specific facts of theft of electricity consumers.

Energy has already installed 7600 AMR. Modernization of metering subscribers of "Magadan" is at their own expense. Although the federal law number 261 "On energy saving and energy efficiency" installation of modern meters have to pay the property owners themselves.

First on the Kolyma AMR tested residents of the neighborhood Pionerny. Now it has more than 1600 devices. AMR equipped with energy and consumers in the village of Ola. There are about three thousand of the devices.

Now JSC "Magadan" introduces new electric meters in the village of Palatka. While AMR established in 1200. By the end of 2013 will be equipped with automated accounting systems of electricity the entire town. In the next three years, the new technology will reach the villages and Arman Myaundzha, there will be about 900 meters today.

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