JSC NPO Alloy presented a new product — the unguided missile C-8OFP

JSC "NPO" Alloy "(Tula is a NPK" Tehmash ") submitted a new generation of unguided missiles to aircraft and helicopters front and army aviation — aircraft missiles S-8OFP caliber 80 mm high-explosive penetrating warhead.

With rocket-8OFP used blocks of regular guns B8M B8V20-1-A.

Development of a basic backbone unguided missiles S-8OFP system NAEO C-8 opens up the possibility of creating on its basis a range of high-performance aircraft munitions, including small-corrected and managed raket.Raketa has explosive projectile piercing power. Firing range is up to 6 km. Missile length — 1,4-1,5 m, weight — not more than 17 kg. Weight is 9-9.5 kg warhead, the fuse — the dual-mode (shock / impact).

Unguided rockets (NAR) is a highly effective and versatile tool with a ground attack aircraft carriers.

They are the most numerous aircraft missile ammunition. This contributes to their high reliability, ease of use, relatively inexpensive and at the lowest cost to hit the set goals.

"Alloy" is a leading global manufacturer of multiple launch rocket systems. In 1999 JSC "NPO" Fusion "was defined leading developer of systems and unmanaged corrected air missiles to aircraft and helicopters front and army aviation.

"Scientific-Production Concern" Mechanical Engineering "established the State Corporation" Rostekhnadzor "in 2011 and brings together more than 50 companies engaged in the development and production of ammunition, special chemical products and accessories.

Message is placed in the public domain on the website of GC "Rostekhnadzor."

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