JSC Tupolev: frequency tests completed Tu-204SM

According to the press-service of JSC "Tupolev" in Zhukovsky flight test and lapping base (ZhLIiDB) frequency tests completed airframe, landing gear and control system of the Tu-204SM.

 Photo source:tupolev.ru

The tests were carried out by specialists of the Central Aerodynamic Institute (TsAGI), with the participation ZhLIiDB and JSC "Tupolev". The resulting research data are the basis for the developed evidence of the safety documentation from flutter, shimmy and vibration "elastic plane — an automatic control system." The frequency characteristics serve as the basis for the analysis of possible deviations from the norms of operation for the life of the aircraft.
Conducted frequency tests have completed one of the most important stages of certification testing of the Tu-204SM.

Tu-204SM — a new medium-haul passenger aircraft in the family of aircraft Tu-204/Tu-214. LTH: maximum take-off weight of 108 tonnes with a maximum seating capacity of 215 people, range with 215 passengers — 4,800 km., With 166 passengers (two-class) — 6000 km. Currently, the Tu-204SM passes the certification test. Serial production is planned for 2012

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