JSC Uralkhimmash conducted a large-scale modernization of the welding equipment

March 22, 2011

In JSC "Uralkhimmash" with the financial support of OAO "Gazprombank", has successfully implemented the project of large-scale modernization of welding equipment. As part of the investment program, the renewal of the park welding equipment, the modern technologies of welding and building for the manufacture of heavy equipment made of carbon steel and heat-resistant hromomolibdenistyh with corrosion-resistant plating.

In particular, were purchased and installed for automatic welding column shells electroslag welding process strip electrode, the two stand in the narrow gap welding butchering sites thickness of 120 mm or more, the installation of automatic welding and arc welding method of submerged arc strip electrode, the installation for interior cladding pipes with a diameter of 25 mm gas-shielded consumable electrode welding machine for pipes of internal diameter of 300 mm strip electrode, the installation of automatic welding of fittings in the case with a diameter of 200 mm. To ensure the welding process were purchased five sets of radiation (infrared) heating.

Besides undergone a major overhaul and modernization of the stand for welding heads, launched into operation in 1976. As part of the modernization of the stand was equipped with welding a balcony — set a new head for electroslag welding ends and remote management, and rebuilt motor-reducer.

Re-equipment of the modern welding equipment in the shop was the high-pressure number 40. New welding equipment designed for the production of heavy high-tech petrochemical equipment — reactor, column, capacitive.

In total, the acquisition of new equipment and modernization of the existing spent more than 200 million rubles. Total for the investment program to upgrade and modernize the welding equipment is scheduled to spend about 300 million rubles.

Also in 2011, we plan to continue equipping production facilities of JSC "Uralkhimmash" modern welding consoles and stands: the equipment will be installed in the workshops of heavy himapparatury number 3 and number 15.

Background: Currently, in the shops of "Uralkhimmash" made heavy reactor equipment, a total of 21 apparatus for OAO "Gazprom Neft-Omsk Refinery", OJSC "Saratov Oil Refinery", JSC "Moscow Oil Refinery", JSC "Salavat", JSC "Taneco ", JSC" Achinsk refinery ", including the inner surface of the cladding corrosion.

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