Kastusyou: Belarus needs to get out of the Collective Security Treaty Organization

The presidential candidate of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front Kastusyou Gregory said that Belarus should withdraw from the Organization of the Collective Security Treaty. According to policy, the continued participation of Belarus in the CSTO countries threatens involvement in local wars and military conflicts in Central Asia.

"Implication of Belarus in the CSTO disadvantageous country and can only serve the interests of the ruling regime. Participation in CSTO prevents the building of democracy in our country through an unprecedented military and political influence of Russia, "- said Gregory Kastusyou, the press service of the Belarusian Popular Front.

"At the moment, this unit combines satellite of Moscow and is fully subject to the interests of the Kremlin. Can not be carried out of the question on a parity or equality of its members — all in the Collective Security Treaty Organization is tied to the goals of Russia. Matter how many personal insults are not throwing to each other official Moscow and Minsk, as soon as it comes to the military and strategic issues — Lukashenko is unconditional and subordinate servant of the Kremlin, "- said R.Kastusev.

Gregory Kastusyou argues that the position of the BPF's national military doctrine and the construction of the security architecture in the region is fundamentally different from the policy of the Belarusian regime. Among the first steps politician has come out of the Collective Security Treaty Organization and withdraw from the territory of the Russian military objects. This will begin the process of accession of Belarus to the political, but in the long term — and the military elements of the Euro-Atlantic security system, as well as to participate in building a new European security architecture, which leads The European Union.

According to the election platform of the BPF, North Atlantic Treaty Organization should be the guarantor of the independence of Belarus.

The candidate of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front took stock of the political line of the present head of state in the framework of the CSTO, "Lukashenko considers CSTO as another platform for blackmailing trade with Moscow in tactical purposes. And he sells our strategic interests, making all Belarusians hostage to its policies. C On the other hand, he himself would like to see in the Collective Security Treaty Organization Internationale kind of dictatorship in defense of autocratic regimes, such as that which exists today in Belarus. "

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