KGB: The thing we did not pass Bankauskasa

The scandal surrounding the detention on the Belarusian border suspected of carrying illegal drugs responsible Lithuanian police Laimonas Bankauskasa.

The detention in Belarus, Lithuanian police Bankauskasa spoke Lithuanian President Grybauskaite. "Lithuania is interested possible more likely to get answers in connection with this arrest. The President hopes that the Belarusian leadership, understanding the situation, will provide a prompt and impartial investigation "- Lithuanian media quoted presidential adviser Daiva Ulbinaytse.

Meanwhile, in the special services of Belarus has not yet decided who will lead a police matter, which the Belarusian customs officers tried to move drugs across the border. Head of Press Service Alexander Antonovich Liberty said that the investigation into the case Bankauskasa KGB him is not known.

"When was the smuggling of drugs, his case must pass on padslednastsi in the KGB, but so far I have no such information."

August 18 in Grodno prison Laimonas Bankauskas visited Consul General in Grodno Rimantas Latakas. That's what mister Latakas "Freedom" about the meeting:

pleaded not guilty, thinking about his family …

"He is there also said that pleaded not guilty, thinking about his family. Us, he said that treated him normally, complaints about conditions at him yesterday was not."

Some details of the detention Bankauskasa. They write, Lithuanian drove into Belarus by private car, ostensibly to refuel Belarusian cheap fuel before the long journey to the sea. But then claim to it by the Belarusian customs officers were not. But while crossing the border when returning to Lithuania Belarusian customs officers searched his car and found a bag with 45 grams of the drug. Observers wonder how a small amount of contraband, and the drug itself. "Methamphetamine is imported from Lithuania. From Belarus to us carry heroin, hashish, not methamphetamine. Illogical and strange" — lead media quoted the chief of the Lithuanian Customs Criminal Service Saulius Urbanavichusa. Already voiced version, according to which the discovery of drugs in Lithuanian police may be a provocation Belarusian secret services and even revenge for his refusal to cooperate.

A former employee of the KGB Valery Kostka convinced that you can recruit anyone, the only question the feasibility and cost. According to Valery Kostka, in the case of provocation, not banal smuggling, more worthy of attention version of the political nature of the operation, and not necessarily the Belarusian secret services.

Valery Kostka

"Head of a mounted police … well, that he has any involvement in any strategic secrets? … No. The main reason — it's official, spoil relations with Lithuania, a member of the European Union. And now with Lithuania trying to resolve some issues with shipping venesualskay oil is still expanding relations, tied alternative transit of gas, bypassing Russia … So here rather politics than intelligence. Rather, intelligence — it is a tool, special services do, a policy book. "

It is known that the wife of Lithuanian police detained Laimonas Bankauskas comes from Belarus, where her parents live. Bankauskasa mother-in-law has already stated that "in no doubt that this is a provocation."

This is not the first incident involving representatives of the Lithuanian law enforcement authorities in Belarus. In August 2006, in Brest died in mysterious circumstances Lithuanian diplomat, a security officer Vytautas Pociunas. The body was found Pociunas under the windows of the hotel where he was staying. According to one version, the Lithuanian fell from a hotel window as a result of negligence, but the officer's relatives insist on his violent death and suggest a role of special services.



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