Kharkov in the power of the elements

Kharkov in the power of the elementsYesterday element poured in Kharkov 795 232 cnesla trees and large branches. This was on July 5 at the workshop, deputy mayor of Kharkiv on Housing Sergei Kadygrob. According to him, reverse the effects of the elements began last night and continues to this day — communal livnevki clean, remove fallen trees.
At the workshop, the chairmen of district administrations Kharkov voiced the natural disaster for their own districts. According to them, the most affected Comintern, Moscow, Frunze and Ordzhonikidze district.
In the Moscow region fell 269 trees without electricity are five apartment buildings and about 50 houses in the private sector. In addition, in 1500 sq washed. m of asphalt on the roads and inner-200 square meters. m asphalt highways.
In the Kiev region fell 4 trees, roofs flowed 40, beat 34 livnevki. Now restored power supply to the houses but houses on the street. Friendship of Peoples, 223 (three entrances remain without light). The school number 100 ran down the roof. In the gardens of private homes Zhuravlevka still a lot of water.
In Ordzhonikidze district of element 130 felled trees, 6 houses flowed roof.
In the Leninsky district of Sochi has been de-energized street, but today power is restored. In the three schools and one kindergarten flowed roof.
In October district in electric substation was struck by lightning, causing part of the New Bavaria remained without electricity. Until the end of the day promised to restore electricity. The area fell two trees.
In the Frunze district of nearly 300 homes were left without electricity, fell 409 trees, one of them blocked the road to the morgue. Collapsed trees damaged seven cars. Most in the area suffered Moskovsky Prospect Saltivske highway and street. Tankopiya. On the streets of the district continues to work appliances, they are cleaned from branches and debris.
In Dzerzhinsk region fell two trees — in the University of Radio Electronics and automotive technical school. Flooded two kindergarten — № 354 and № 411, and 4th polyclinic and diagnostic center. All electrical wires that had been torn off in an area already recovered.
Near the exit in the direction of the market from the metro station "Marshal Zhukov" of the tree height of about 30 meters has fallen off a branch and fell across the subway exit. As eyewitness incident tree crashed tray with vegetables, no one was hurt.
In Chervonozavodsky area during the disaster with no light left the village. Zhikhar st. Planes and st. Sochor. The building of kindergarten № 345 tree fell. Residents of the area have filed 27 applications for the restoration of stained roof.
In Kominternovsky area fell 137 trees and a billboard came out 17 roofs. Because of the disaster there was no light in the four houses, electricity has been restored.
Director of the KP "Landscaping" Catherine Slivinskaya reported that the elimination of consequences of natural disasters have formed 196 teams. 17% of fallen trees and branches already 30% cut and removed.
Precipices were power lines in the Frunze and Ordzhonikidze district of Kharkov and the Kharkov, Kupyansk and Zmievskaya region Kharkov region were yesterday This July 5 press secretary AK "Kharkivoblenergo" Vladimir Skichko. According to him, the company team overnight reverse the effects of the disaster. In the near future we will know how many houses in the city and towns in the area remained without electricity.
Was paralyzed movement trolley routes N 1, 3 and 7, as well as trams N 6 and 8, as the chief of traffic service HKP "Gorelectrotrans" Alexander Ukis.
As the general director KP "Kharkiv Metro" Michael Karamshuk, because of the rain for 30 minutes, closed one of the halls of Art. Metro "Student" and lobby art. Metro "Heroes of labor." "Around 17.30 the water began to flow into the lobby, which is why they had to be shut off. Sami metro station continued to operate without interruption, trains ran on schedule," — said M.Karamshuk.
In addition, in Kharkov podtopilo several streets — in particular, Moscow Avenue, Admirala labor, Akademika Pavlova, etc. 50 years of the USSR. According to witnesses, the pr.50 Anniversary of the USSR, in the area of the club, "Armageddon", a large pool of two stranded car. Because they could not pass one another, there was a great jam.
In late June, in the Kharkov region established rainy weather, precipitation is 2.5 times higher than normal. July 4 because of the weather had been flooded several streets and lobbies of two metro stations. "This is a natural phenomenon that was found yesterday in Kharkiv, is the average time in 40 years" — said on July 5 in the Kharkiv regional center Hydrometeorology.

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