Killer speed (3 films) watch online

Killer speed (3 films) watch online
Killer speed, documentary series about the world of animals, animals of the most rapid on the planet, their reaction speed and allow them to be sophisticated killers, leaving no chance for the victim survival. Jumping and attacking MTR skrosti which we can not behold in the small details we will show a high-speed camera. In the feral nature of the speed is very valuable quality, everything happens for a bit of a second, this is a striking sight when we have seen a spider attacking a fly with a jump, some animals may be in a motionless state for a few days waiting for the moment of their own.

Killer speed 1 (the jungle)

Hunters the jungle — the master of disguise, but their main weapon — speed. We'll see how instantly moves Gabon viper and chameleon tongue.

Killer Speed 2 (Ocean)

In the depths of the ocean speed — pledge of survival. Seals kill their prey with a sharp blow of the tail, and mantis shrimp strike blows with the speed of a bullet.

Killer Speed 3 (Savannah)

Cheetahs and antelope native to participate in the race survival, crocodiles and storm victims, featuring frenetic speed and power.

The other films about animals

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