Kleine-Levin syndrome. Do not oversleep to

Have you ever wanted to really get some sleep? Well, for example, to sleep a week for 12-14 hours a day? I think that most just dream about it. But there are people who sleep on 18-20 constantly! The disease is called: Kleine-Levin syndrome. And they wake up feeling hungry, bewilderment and hyper …

Due to the heavy rare disease (worldwide were about 1,000 such cases) young Nicole sleeps 18-19 hours a day. This fact sometimes it becomes a breeding ground for jokes — they say that every dream would sometimes so "sleep." But in fact, the disease does not cause feelings of envy.

"Wake up, people experiencing mental confusion, disorientation, lethargy and apathy" — explains the organization against Kleine-Levin syndrome. Patients themselves say that they feel after sleep increased sensitivity to light and sound, as well as seeing the world is not in focus. Other side effects — hunger and hypersexuality.

Indeed, according to relatives, even in the waking state Nicole forgets how to do basic things, and looks very tired. Mrs. Delin said that sometimes her daughter sleep periods can last from 32 to 64 days. At this time she occasionally wakes up to in the mode of sleepwalking eat and go to the bathroom.

The so-called sleeping beauty syndrome is difficult to diagnose — in the case of Nicole process took 25 months. The girl was even suspected of simulation in order to attract attention. There is no treatment for this disease does not exist, but to avoid long periods of sleep helps a combination of drugs for epilepsy and narcolepsy.

Most Nicole's mother worried about the fact that her daughter misses a lot in his life. One time she slept through Christmas and was able to open his presents until the end of January.



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