Kramatorsk filled up with snow

Heavy snowfall, which began on the night of Monday to Tuesday, gave public utilities Kramatorsk to smoothly enter into posleprazdnichny mode.

According to the head of Vladimir UZHKH Falchenko, Tuesday morning on the streets of cities and towns are 9 units.

"Snow removal, we started on time, — he said. — Five cars URSAS and four PS DRSU first sprinkled the road, and then clearing."

Mayor Gennady Kostyukov instructed to organize snow removal because of warming in the coming days is expected. "To not snowdrifts piled along roadsides, it is necessary to take out the snow in time," — said the mayor.

Gennady also Kostyukov noted that snow removal — caring not only utilities. Companies, both large and small, need to put in order the territory assigned to them.

And the quality of work will control admininspektory who have the authority to penalize those who violate the rules of accomplishment.

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