La Niña — the kitchen of extreme weather

According to the latest U.S. weather forecasters, a similar phenomenon as La Niña (which is the opposite of El Nino) will be back for another season, and perhaps with his arrival there will be more droughts, rain and other adverse natural events. This statement was received by the experts from NOAA data is updated monitoring La Nina Watch to the Advisory Agency of El Niño. Consoling factor forecasters believe the wear phenomena, reducing the water temperature of the surface layer of the Pacific Ocean has an average value, so it is not something new and is quite common. In the report, NOAA reported that in the first months of 2011 around the world have been extreme events, the reason for this was the La Niña. Again, weather forecasters warned of his return to the Pacific Ocean, the tropical part, which will be during the winter. From the period of the summer of 2010 to the end of spring 2011 thanks to La Niña in the United States were reported to heavy snowfall in the winter and spring drought and floods. Affected and other continents, such as Australia were heavy rains that caused major flooding, and in East Africa, there was a very long period of dehydration land. More than 12 million people have been affected in the Horn of Africa drought in the last ten years, so in July famine was a real disaster of the century the area. It is hoped that the natural disasters caused by the La Nina will not acquire such a scale as a planetary disaster, shown to us in a series of games Command & Conquer. And while the real disasters still far from Tiberium, do not forget to follow the news bulletins. Still, some disasters are no less dangerous and you should pay attention to weather forecasts and storm warnings. Presumably, the drought will continue again in the states that have already suffered from it — this is Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. But in the states, which are located in the north-west of America will be even more severe winter, and in the southern states of the warming trend.

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