Land islands protect Japanese tsunami

Consequences of catastrophic tsunamis are well known. A new approach to the construction of settlements can make a difference, unless, of course, Japan has enough funds for such activities.

Keichiro Sako of Tokyo company Sako Architects drafted Tohoku Sky Village, which involves the construction of artificial islands in the shape of high cylinder prestressed concrete.

Inside the concrete cylinders pierced "rays" extending from the center to the circumference, like spokes in a bicycle wheel. The thickness of the outer walls of each of the "islands" — 50 cm, the same thickness, and the walls of the "rays". To mitigate the impact of the tsunami of the island will have an oval shape, which will allow water to flow around them. The total area of each three-level building will be 90,000 m². In this case, it will stand on a foundation of steel towers, going deep into the bedrock. To reduce the cost of artificial islands at their creation plan to use rubble left by the tsunami disaster of 2011.

On the upper surface of the island will be placed houses, from 100 to 500 on each. At the lower levels will register parking lots, communication, life-saving equipment. Entrance to the "island" will be located at the base and close automatically immediately after the warning about the threat of a tsunami. In this step the wall allow people caught off guard at the bottom, climb to the island to seek refuge on its surface.

Rooftop solar panels will be installed, and between them — electric. This local power system is designed to provide residents with electricity even after the disaster by the collapse of power line poles and failure of large power plants. For storing solar and wind energy reserve capacity for lithium-ion batteries.

In addition to schools, administrative and recreational facilities in the center of each island will be a huge fish breeding ponds. In addition, the planned construction of islands for industrial use, will house the company with all necessary infrastructure.

In this case the project is not just a bold imagination of the architect. One of the municipalities of the Tohoku region, the hardest hit by the tsunami, has an interest in the construction of these islands — though so far only for housing. The Japanese are well aware of the tsunami in 2011 is not the strongest. Geological traces tsunami V century, mentioned in written Japanese sources indicate that the waves were higher then.

At the same time, as Yazuaki Onoda from the Faculty of Architecture and Construction University, Tohoku, despite the attractiveness of the idea, the concept has a number of issues. Each of the islands is worth 20 billion yen (more than $ 160 million). According to Mr. Onoda is "prohibitive price," because each of the 500 structures on this island will be more expensive at $ 320 thousand and the big question is whether the conservative Japanese from neurbanizirovannyh areas to overcome yourself and live in such an unusual environment.

Finally, we can speculate and the overall reasonableness of the event. The walls are designed to protect coastal areas from tsunamis, succumbed in 2011, although this did not save the country. Just waves were higher. But the height of last year's wave, as tsunami height V century, from an engineering point of view it is attainable for dams. In Japan, more than 40 million households, so it is easier to build breakwaters along the coast a little higher? Indeed, Defense 40 million homes on the project Keichiro Sako will cost $ 13 trillion, or three annual GDP for the Far East of the country …

Last year's tsunami has changed a lot in the construction and economic priorities of Japan. One after another new concepts protected from natural disasters settlements. But our construction industry is not standing still. Future plans are drawn up new apartment blocks and buildings. Unfortunately, the construction and equipping of new buildings have to consider many external negative factors, and, unfortunately, vandalism still often takes them into the lead. But this problem has a solution! You can always purchase vandal shockproof camera RVi-125 high resolution, if you need constant surveillance.

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