Landslide in Brazil. The new information

New information about the incident on Wednesday 06/29/2011, the landslide in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

As the resource, the death toll reached five hundred people on the survivors themselves dragged the bodies of dead and wounded in a few hours. By Friday, the number of victims has risen to 514 people.

Survivors told of all the damaged area in the resort town, just that they need food and water and government support they need in order to get to that is still alive, but perhaps isolated and trapped people. Over the past four decades, the landslide — the deadliest natural disaster occurred in Brazil.

Officials said the death toll in four towns north of Rio de Janeiro is on the rise and may even increase when the rescuers get to the places where might still cut off by a landslide on Wednesday people. According to them, they can not even guess about the number of missing compatriots.

Account in the hundreds missing.

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