Last June in the UK was the wettest in history

Present in the UK in June was the wettest in history observations — rainfall is almost twice the average monthly rate, said the British weather bureau.

For the past month in Britain fell 145.3 millimeters. Previous record lasted five years: in 2007, a rainy June brought 136.2 millimeters.

In some regions of the country heavy rains have caused severe flooding, washing away the railway, road transport disruption and flooding homes. Also occurred because of the rains fail in organizing a number of street festivals and sporting events, including the Wimbledon tennis tournament.

June in the UK was also the coolest since 1991 and the second in the history of the number of cloudy days.

This is the second month with a record amount of rainfall this year. Earlier, in 1910, to keep a record broken in April.

The rainy season has replaced the dry autumn and winter months, which even led to vvedeniyuzapreta to use hoses in private households.

However, ironically, even with the introduction of the ban in early April over Britain almost constantly raining, and in mid-June, the ban was lifted.

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