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Just explain to the society (photo 1). Uncles who kiss in this photo, not homosexuals. This is the highest state official: Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin and the Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Kebich in a government car in 1994 during a visit to Minsk and Chernomyrdin after heavy consumption of alcoholic drinks and so remain. Actually, there is nothing special to comment — as the saying goes, "all in Russian."

If we evaluate this photo in the category of "paparazzi", then it is — the highest class of scandalous. Photos made outstanding Belarusian photojournalists Sergei Grits, was published in the newspaper "Svoboda" (editor — Member of the opposition Popular Front in the sun of the 12th convocation Igor Germenchuk). In my opinion, it indirectly contributed Kebich defeat in the presidential election of 1994.

Kebich accused and did not like. But thereafter picture of him began to laugh. It is well known that the Belarusians are serious people, but with a sense of humor, and if they like it — so it is to laugh. And it happens that the one from whom to laugh — the end. Forgive when drunk, but not forgive, if, after getting drunk, disgraced (it was said that Mr. Kebich once to himself so that when carried out of the plane, nearly lost his pants and people know about it.) In the words one of the characters Remarque, "Gentleman — is someone who is honest, if nalizhatstsa."

Kebich fatally unlucky with his "brotherly love to Rosii." But soon the story called "Lubyanka" find another "amateur" in Moscow, the plot of which we see in the second photo (photo 2).

Photo 2

This picture was taken in the spring of 1994, the Central Election Commission at the time of approval of candidates for the election of the president. Judging by the style, the author of it, may also have Sergei Grits. But I can not say this for sure (the picture is taken from the internet, the authorship is not specified).

This image — a whole genre-political novel. By the nature of the display of the plot is close to a photo essay with the number 3 of our theme ("Lukashism or dark realm").

Just abvyastsili premiere Kebich registration as a presidential candidate. His entourage began his congratulations. Suitable Lukashenko is bent and congratulates Kebich, stretches her arms to him. Kebich imposingly leaning back, coyly bowed his head and thought, so flat, not rising from his chair, stretched out congratulating the four fingers (I flashed even humorous idea that Lukashenko now kiss his hand — he was such a kind and so humble that his Kebich hand filed).

Just fotareparter seized this moment. Done right: a moment before, not a second later. Near the head of the Communist Party of Novikov with a biological curiosity looks at the oblique congratulations.

This fotasatyra — not a curiosity, but a reflection of the real situation. Lubyanka KGB together with the local elections on those deceived Kebich as student. As for the situation (which vymknulasya and in this photo), then later in his memoirs Kebich write that the total victory of Lukashenko and his election was the fact that they were together as allies and not allowed to power Pozniak. "Whose contribution to the common victory over the BPF candidates, or my Alexander Lukashenko, okazalsya significant, albeit judge time" — cynically concludes Kebich. And, in fact, the way it was. (Without the role of "Hindenburg" and there has not been, only this time in the manner of slapstick.)

As for beautiful shot, the photographic truth, as we see, again, said his photographic expression.

Unfortunately, the picture that is on display here, there are not high quality. This is a reproduction of a polygraph (newspaper) edition. The picture is also in the free web.

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