Lawyer: Investigator Baykova remanded in custody for another two months

Investigators, who arrested the investigative case prosecutor general Svetlana Baykova, signed a resolution to extend the investigation.

August 24 the investigation was Svetlana Baykova extended for another two months. This opinion was expressed lawyer Michael Volcheck.

"Apparently, she put" pradlenku "for another 2 months. Like last time somewhere in the 16 hours have shown a resolution." Lawyer Michael Volcheck expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that he, as he says, as usual, at the time did not report what is happening with Svetlana Baykova.

Inquiry for particularly important cases of the General Prosecutor's Office Svetlana Baykova arrested in February and has since been held in remand prison "American." Baykova accused of abuse of power and illegal exemption from criminal liability. Allegedly the investigation has made these crimes when customs officers investigating the case, which were closely related to the KGB and other dignitaries. Svetlana Baykova pleaded not guilty. In order to obtain the release, the investigation for nearly 10 days on hunger strike and wrote a letter to Alexander Lukashenko, which mentions his state awards and achievements in the fight against corruption. However, the measure of restraint for Baykova remains unchanged, and the case against her has not stopped. The other day it was reported that Svetlana Baykova allegedly put in charge of taking bribes. This was allegedly testified baznesovtsa Milk, who cooperated with investigators in the case of customs, which led Svetlana Baykova and was not prosecuted.

Lawyer Michael Volcheck, however, data on putting up charges of taking bribes not confirmed.

"During my participation in the investigation it is not exposed allegations of corruption", — says Mikhail Volcheck. It should be noted, however, that after August 9 Michael Volcheck with Baykova not seen. "Of course, for this time and something could change, but without a lawyer put the prosecution does not have to. I, however this one does not informed "- said," Freedom, "the lawyer Volcheck.

The case of Svetlana Baykova observers considered representative and explain the features of this struggle between the law enforcement agencies in Belarus. Thus, according to journalist Pavel Sheremet, the main struggle is between the group advisor of President Viktor Lukashenko, which includes the new leaders of the KGB yes Border Committee and the "old" shots of security officials from the Prosecutor General, the Security Council and the Interior Ministry. Observers agree that the fight between them is for control of the security forces and the means of this struggle is often accused of abuse of office or corruption.

In the Belarusian KGB information concerning the case of Svetlana Baykova not comment.



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