Legal aspects of abortion

Legal aspects of abortion.

Abortion — Operations on abortion — in Russia is regulated by Article 36 of the Federal Law "On protection of public health", adopted in 1993 According to the article, a woman may decide to abortion.

  1. At will. Interrupt for up to 12 weeks of pregnancy in the direction of women's clinic with your passport and insurance policy in the institution operating under the compulsory health insurance program — free of charge.
  2. For social reasons. Interruption made for up to 22 weeks of pregnancy. Allocate 13 reasons for abortion for social reasons, including the death of her husband and the illness, unemployment, etc.
  3. For medical reasons (severe maternal disease, malformation of the child, etc.). Interrupt regardless of gestational age.
  4. In the case of a serious illness that threatens the life of the mother or the fetus nonviable interruption in pregnancy, regardless of the date. In this case, a woman wrote a statement that addresses the medical board.


Abortion must be a physician that has been certified obstetrician-gynecologist and institutions with a license to conduct such manipulations.

Under no circumstances should one try to rid themselves of unwanted pregnancy. All the more so in the direction of women's clinic in the framework of compulsory health insurance, you can make free abortion.

The best method to prevent such interference in the body and its effects is the use of modern contraceptives.

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