Legendary About is found at the second attempt




A few years ago, in June 1998, the regional group, part of the Union "Kosmopoisk", made a trip to the Khamar-Daban in search About Genghis Khan. About these (bulk mysterious mounds located on an inaccessible mountain pass) listened to many historians, but few of the travelers in the twentieth century ever see them in the XXI century, as long as they did not see anybody, and coordinate About the exact location is not found in the literature, and fans and keepers of ancient knowledge jealously guarded secrets of mounds, believing that they are somehow connected to the precepts of the great empire. And this time, the first attempt to find About Failed — conductor accidentally (?) Led away from the proposed site. I had to come back with a plan to embark on a quest later …
Now, at the second attempt, a group of 6 people managed to get the helicopter and make aerial reconnaissance on About Genghis Khan. Search by helicopter due G.Chervyakovu success in the first approach (which is extremely surprised even the pilots themselves). We landed about an hour were in place to research the mound started 6 people, they took photos and sketches of the countryside. After a survey of mounds Chervjakov issued a preliminary conclusion — artificial mounds are purely engineering problem (it's not the burial, funeral mounds, or other), he said, the task of the ancient builders was the need to create a spillway on this site caravan trails. Long before the appearance of the troops here chingisitov (about a thousand years before them) trail already existed, and everything moving along it at the highest point experienced the greatest thirst at the top of the pass, where there is nothing to water the horses. The ancient builders could use the technique squeezing water, which built over an underground stream heaviest "oppression" of the hundreds of boulders, each the size of several tons. Inside the folded mound possible (check it out now almost impossible without heavy equipment), held conduit. But if a mound of deciding the question of a water supply caravan, why the pass was built a few more? As constructed, these facilities tysyachetonnye? What does it have to Genghis Khan? Anyway, the mystery mounds on the pass has not been fully disclosed. Strange is the fact that these magnificent buildings (hundreds of times more massive than the world famous Stonehenge, more labor-intensive and built in an entirely unsuitable for the construction of a remote mountain area) so far escaped the attention of historians.


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