Legends of the Russian army

Military forces are not sufficient to protect the country,
Meanwhile how to protect the people of the country invincible.
Napoleon I (Bonaparte)

In his own last post, Legends of the Russian army, I described how and why is the information war against our country and against the Russian army viz. Army and the Navy — the citadel of Russian statehood. Our geopolitical rivals to realize that we are much earlier. Specifically, they are yesterday and today, sponsored and sponsor of pests inside of, the power of words that try to discredit heroic past of our armed forces. The purpose of this action: to destroy faith in the courage and heroism of the Russian fighter.

Myths about the Russian army

Let's go over a few of these dirty legends together:

The myth of the first: "The atrocities committed during World War II zagryadotryadov"

This is perhaps the frequent myth of war, hot and intensely beloved replicated anti-Stalinists. Try to understand.
Thus zagryadotryady were made in the beginning of the war. July 18, 1941 the People's Commissar of Internal Affairs Beria's own directive led to the subsequent tasks of the troops: "The meaning of the transformation of the Third governance, particularly by the subordination of the NKVD is to lead the fight against the inhumane spies, traitors, saboteurs , deserters, and all kinds of alarmist and disorganizers. The brutal execution with the alarmists, cowards, deserters, undermining the power and discrediting the honor of the Red Army, as well critical, as the fight against spies and sabotage. "

The activity detachments most clearly demonstrate the data from the beginning of hostilities between June 22 and October 10, 1941. During this period, the NKVD and the aforementioned detachments detained 657364 Red Army soldiers who left their units and fled from the front. Among the detainees were arrested 25,878 people, while others were formed into pieces and sent back to the front. Pay attention, pochetaemy reader, that has been arrested a total of 4% (!) Of the total number of detainees.

Among those arrested were identified:
Spies -1505
saboteurs — 308
traitors — 2621
cowards and alarmists — 2643
deserters — 8772
distributors provocative rumors — 3987
samostrelschikov — 1671
other — 4371

According to regulations Especial departments and sentenced by a military tribunal in this period were shot 10201 people., Including before the troops — 3321 people.

The question is, where is, and the atrocities of the NKVD? I wish to recall that there was a war. German secret services are not idle, because regret traitors of the motherland is not necessary.

Western group of the Red Army at the beginning of the war, there were about 3.5 million people. , Executed by the NKVD, as has been said before, 10201 people., Representing 0.0029% of the total number of troops. (!) And where "billion" shattered destinies? And what about the rampant spread of the NKVD it is? But this is the first months of the war — the worst for the Red Army.

Detachments were not made because of "Stalin's madness," as many of my peers are thinking, as well as their was a real must! At one time they were needed to Peter the Great in the Battle of Poltava, they are useful and Stalin during World War II. In this and in the other case almost all the time was at stake. Although it should be noted that the idea of creation conceals. groups do not belong to Caucasians and GK Zhukov and other generals named Tymoshenko.

Only in accordance with the known order of the number 227 as of October 15, 1942. 193 was formed defensive squads. They were used until the final turn in the war, and in October 1944 began the processes of their disbandment.
And the last. Naturally, the question raised is very complex. And he is still waiting for its own researchers. In my opinion, there would have been appropriate to give a competent world of spices. The creators of the book "The Great slander war"I. Pyhalova different, special outlook about" atrocities "NKVDeshnikov:" None of the researchers have not yet been able to find in the archives of either the 1st fact which would confirm that the barrage troops fired on his troops. Do not give such cases and in the memoirs of veterans. "

Myth second "about penal …"

Since coming to power in 1985, MS Gorbachev stream heresy and provocations against our army intensified. Then read as written and that the attack during World War II in general penal walking alone, and all others were advancing in the 2nd tier, etc. etc.

Only forgotten grief researchers that the Soviet Union could not win the war hands one penalty box. No. Not because they were bad war. Another reason. In their small number. Now fairly clear that the years of war, the Army passed through Reddish 34.5 million people. The amount of the penalty box, on the same aspects equated tyscham 428 persons, or 1.24% of the population. Tips could take Berlin "some penalty box with his bare hands." Could not!

If you go back to the detachments, according to the order number 227, the last in the rear specifically designed "unstable divisions." Battalions, usually to such "divisions" are not treated at all, and therefore bore the loss of 6-7 times more than the regular part of the Red Army.

As for the need of penalty units, it is, of course, was the place to be. It seems to be ruthless as it sounds. You can not evaluate what is happening in the war yardstick fed the present day. Battalions — since it is necessary not only. It is a necessity in any war ever. Penal were still the old Greeks. The purpose of the creation of the penalty units yavna — punishment, threatening an example for all fighter, maintaining military discipline at the highest level. It does not matter what you look forward to a belligerent army world. Something similar was the case with the Germans. The Wehrmacht also had its "corrective part." They are the same battalions, which were located in the "areas of particular danger." By the way, they came from the Germans even earlier, at the beginning of the war, in 1940, and had quite a branched structure. But our battalions appeared only in September 1942.

Pochetaemy me a historian, writer and publicist V.Medinsky in his book "The War" gives a clear example of the subsequent rough index of historical reality:
The newspaper "Business Tuesday" on December 13, 2005 an article "In a breakthrough are penal battalions …" began with these touching lines: "Somewhere in there, smoothly between the Dnieper and the estuaries of the Azov Sea, Prishibskih altitudes, the Germans shot our ladies (!) penal battalion … "

And then, in his book, you should order Antonova, exposing the myth:
"The chief of staff of the fronts, the military districts and individual armies on the order of execution of court sentences for female soldiers. Cc: Chief Military Prosecutor. Chairman of the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court and the heads of the main and central directorates of NGOs. 19 September 1943. female soldiers convicted of crimes committed in the penalty of not to send. Those of them that are for atrocities committed by them convicted by military courts using a second note to Art. 28 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, to send in the part of the army. Female soldiers for atrocities in
the order indicated in the order of number of NGOs from 0413 August 21, 1943, as part of a penalty not to send, limited to serious disciplinary action, and if you can not resolve the matter to the disciplinary procedure — haled before the military court. Antonov, Karponossov "

Number 1484/2/org TsAMO F, 48a. Op. 3408. D. 18. L. 107. The original.
When you read something similar, then you understand that Evgeny Fedorov does not increase greatly, saying that the Russian media for 20 years, working against their own country …

The myth of the third: "On the Specials unpleasant"

The activities of the famous SMERSH was also devoted to criticism. But whatever ozlobyshi read as liberal, Russian military counterintelligence "SMERSH" — the best intelligence agency in the world. Within two years of its existence, the military counterintelligence conducted 183 radio games, a result of which our area have been lifted out and capture above 400 staff employees and agents of Hitler's secret services. In the course of search operations SMERShevtsy exposed more than 30,000 spies, terrorists before 6000, about 3,500 commandos and lured 80,000 to justice war criminals. Similar results did not achieve any of the special services of the world!

Now let's imagine what would have suffered the loss of reddish Army, do not be in its structure such harsh unit? A rhetorical question, right?
During WWII the security bodies have played a crucial role in ensuring the safety of the Red Army. Perhaps a more plausible SMERSH activities described in the book of a professional writer Bogomolov under the title "In August, 40 of the fourth," based on the movie which filmed the role of the now deceased Vladislav Galkin.
And that's what they say about themselves SMERSH veterans:

See, pochetaemy reader, you only dig a little deeper, so here is all false propaganda is converted into dust …
List of used literature:
1. I. Pykhalov "Lofty slander war";
2. A. Martirosyan, "Stalin and the majestic Russian War;
3. N. Luzan "Military counterintelligence";
4. V. Medina "War."

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