Lida residents against the construction of the plant

Society Hearings are scheduled for 17:30 in the assembly hall of the former club shoe factory.

Local residents oppose the construction of the plant. They think it is detrimental to the production itself and the environment. The plant will consume large amounts of highly concentrated hydrochloric starter — 200 tons per year.

Those who object to the construction of enterprise convinced that the authorities violate the Aarhus Convention, whose purpose — protecting the right of every person to live in an environment adequate for their health. This convention December 16, 1999 and signed The Republic of Belarus.

Director of RUE "cone" Alexei Bovfal, who is going to build a new plant, said the "freedom" that the expert report on the assessment of the effects on the environment prepared by Grodno research companies nitrogen industry technical tasks of the general designer of the Institute "Belprampraekt."

On He said, no fault of their own expert opinion is certainly not published for public comment. Mister A.Bovfal read the document and said that the company is completely harmless to the environment and the people living nearby.

The argument, Mr. Bovfal, referred to the fact that these businesses are built and operate in globally, in particular gave the example that in Poland there are such plants as much as eighty-sixth

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