Life expectancy of Russians has increased by 3.7 years

MOSCOW, February 7 — RIA Novosti. Life expectancy has increased for the entire population of Russia in 2011 to 3.7 years, said Minister of Health and Social Development of Russia Tatyana Golikova at a meeting of the working group for the development of human resources APEC.

"In the five years of the implementation of the program of activities of the demographic life expectancy at birth for the total population grew by 3.7 years for men — 3.9 years for women — 2.8 years" — said Golikov.

According to the Health Ministry, in 2011, life expectancy for the entire population was 70.3 years, men — 64.3 years and women — 76.1 years. In 2006, life expectancy for men was 60.4 years, women — 73.2 years.

Golikov recalled that the concept of demographic policy of Russia until 2025 was adopted in 2007.

Deputy Minister of Health and Social Development of Russia Maxim Topilin, acting within the framework of the APEC Working Group, also addressed the demographic issue.

According to him, Russia will try to keep the 2016 population at its current level — 143 million, and by 2025 to obtain the figure of 145 million. He also noted that the life expectancy of the population should be increased.

"We strive to bring the life expectancy of the population to the level of developed countries — 75-80 years (2025). And create the conditions for each family brought up at least two children," — said Topilin.


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