«Lockheed Martin» has signed a contract to continue production THAAD missile defense

Missile Defense Agency U.S. Department of Defense announced the signing of a contract with the «Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co..» (LMSSC) price of 2.0236 billion dollars for the continued production of high-altitude mobile tactical missile complex THAAD for the U.S. Armed Forces and the UAE.

According to the contract, LMSSC produce more than 42 interceptor missiles as part of the regular production steps «Lot 3» and «Lot 4». Currently under 4 steps just zakazano138 missiles.

Final performance of the contract to be approved until 30 November. Supply of interceptor missiles to be completed by July 31, 2018.

As previously reported TSAMTO, practical realization of a contract to supply the United Arab Emirates altitude tactical missile defense system THAAD can begin in 2 years.

Agency for Defense Cooperation and Security U.S. Department of Defense (DSCA) notified Congress of a proposed sale of the UAE within applets «Foreign Military implementation» 3 complexes altitude tactical missile defense system THAAD, including 147 interceptor missiles, radars 4 THAAD, 6 stations fire control and communications, 9 launchers, also linked to the contract services and equipment in September 2008. The total price of the contract, in case of implementation of all options was estimated at 6.95 billion dollars.

But as it became clear at the end of last year, during the subsequent negotiations number of complexes was reduced till 2. Total price U.S. DoD signed with South American companies in December 2011 agreements was 2.54 billion dollars.

Namely, concluded December 30, 2011 with «Lockheed Martin» contract price of 1.96 billion dollars provides for the supply of 2-complexes THAAD. All work must be completed before June 30, 2016. C company «Raytheon» signed a contract price of 582,516,000 dollars for the supply to implement as part of THAAD 2-mobile radar target detection and tracking AN/TPY-2 X-band. Their delivery will be completed by September 30, 2018. The agreements also include the supply of spare parts, support equipment, providing logistics, training of personnel. UAE Armed Forces became the first buyer zabugornye complex and THAAD radar AN/TPY-2.

Notwithstanding the above specified completion dates on contracts, the representative of «Raytheon» Keith McNamara said, «Jane’s Defence Weekly», which usually requires the creation of radar about 30 months. Approximately the same amount of time will need to «Lockheed Martin» to establish the rest of the system THAAD. Given that the contracts were agreed at the end of last year, as the time to train the personnel, one can imagine that the supply THAAD systems for the UAE Armed Forces can be performed as early as 2014.

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