Lose weight like a man

A good man should be plenty. Rather, it came up with the saying men prefer to buy clothes one size larger if acquired overweight, and not take care of her figure and, therefore, health. Why diet — it's not just women, but male occupation, explains the doctor-reflexologist, MD, author of a unique "Slimming" technique Golden Eagle ® Mariyat Mukhina.

Vulnerable floor

Nature has endowed man with physical force but deeply layered defenses went to women. A strong half of humanity, in fact, sick more often, longer and harder. As for this, and obesity, which is on the International Classification of Diseases is also a pathological condition.

It is most often in men formed the so-called "apple" (abdominal) version of the figure changes when fat is mainly deposited in the waist area. And namely "Apple" is considered the most dangerous cardiologists in terms of the development of cardiovascular diseases. Excess adipose tissue must be supplied with oxygen and nutrients. For this purpose, it creates additional kilometers blood vessels. It is proved that 10 pounds overweight leads to the formation of 15 km of new blood vessels. Additionally surpassing him by the blood, the heart wears out prematurely and "tired", developing hypertension, coronary heart disease and chronic heart failure, and negative changes in men are faster than women. Moreover, as the scientists of the University Hospital of Aarhus, in such people is maximum risk of blood clots in the deep veins.

Another subtlety — men often fat is deposited in the mezhfastsialnyh spaces, especially in the neck. Result — snoring and sleep apnea when during sleep breathing stops. Normally, these stops can be up to 5 per hour, and obese men — to 100 (!).

Men like meat, not just steam cutlets, but also barbeque, and ham and smoked sausage. Meanwhile, the results of the five-year study in 10 European countries have shown namely technologically processed meat is a major source of extra pounds meat eaters. A cooking over an open fire — the path to the intake of a large number of proven carcinogens.

Along with being overweight stronger sex waiting for another unpleasant surprise: obesity is accompanied by enhanced production of female hormones — estrogen, increased background which is particularly harmful for men: are beginning to grow breasts (gynecomastia), deteriorating spermatogenesis, the voice becomes higher, reduced potency. The dominant female hormones are changing and character, causing increased tearfulness, depression, who are mistaken for a midlife crisis.

Action plan

The main reasons for the accumulation of excess pounds — overeating and lack of physical activity. Namely in these two areas and the need to act.

From what foods should be avoided in the first place? It would be logical to assume that the sugar and baking, as a source of "light" carbohydrates. But there are two more non-obvious candidate: the products that contain large amounts of phytoestrogens, plant analogues of female sex hormones. It is about hops and soybeans, thus fall under the prohibition of such traditionally "male" products like beer and sausages. But by and large will have to give up all alcohol, alcohol disinhibits hunger center and carries a large amount of calories, so it definitely does not fall under the definition of dietary.

Then what to drink? For example, herbal teas "Origiteya" especially detoxicant, which must include in the diet slimming men, as it promotes the removal of toxins produced by the decay of body fat. By the way, the sweet and do not have to give up, you just need to use natural sweeteners such as stevia and syrups "Origiteya" based on it.

By the way, the popular belief that for the normalization of weight is enough to enroll in a gym — no more than a delusion. Extra pounds plus sudden intense exercise hurt the joints and the heart. So make a plan to exercise with a qualified nutritionist. For example, it is better to start with aqua aerobics, water softens the "blow" to the body, and calories burned at least, if not more effective than in the hall.

However, in any case it is better to start with a visit to a specialist, as with other diseases, obesity self unacceptable. For example, almost impossible to rid yourself of the constant feeling of hunger, especially at first. But reflexology, for example, using a patented technique "Golden Needle» ® will do it gently and without consequences for the organism.

There are contraindications.  Should consult a specialist.

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