Losing weight for the Golden Needle: how does it work?

Despite the fact that the technology to reduce the weight of the Golden Needle Doctor ® Fly there for more than ten years, many people still refer to it as a miracle. Pierced ear — and lost weight, really possible? But what about the low-calorie diet and exercise for the "fat-burning"? How can you live without them?

How does the Golden Needle ® and how does it work? Solve the mystery of this popular technology to reduce weight we asked the author — MD, physician reflexologist Mariyat Mukhin.

— What is the secret of your technology?

No mystery there. Our methodology is based on reflexology — health methods, open many thousands of years ago in ancient China. Its essence is to ensure that the human body has a specific point — they are called biologically active, acting on them, you can improve the condition of the various organs and systems.

— How does your needle can save people from the extra pounds?

To begin with, it is not a simple needle …

— A gold?

Yes, but it is in this sense that we use the phrase "golden hands", "Golden Gramophone" or "Golden Barrel". The fact that not all the needles in the lineup, "Kit for anti-adaptive method of acupuncture Fly" made of gold.

There needle silver, medical steel. However, the most popular are the needles of gold 575-th sample. But it's not just a needle and a medical instrument special design — patented kit, which has no analogues in the world.

— What is it unique?

First, this tool allows for pricking stimulate more than one biologically active point, but a whole group of points, creating a channel between the two acupuncture — akustrakt ™ (acoustic — needle path — the path). This artificially created channel produces a lot of micropulses, as a result we are able to maximize impact on those areas of the brain responsible for the feeling of hunger — and, thus, to block appetite.

Second, the special design of the Golden Needle ® allows you to use it for a long time — from several months to half a year or even longer. Our patients wear it for as long as the weight is normal. Due to the bulk head, which happens even with thorns, the needle pressure on tissues and stimulates mikroimpulsatsiyu: nobody touches it — it runs itself. This is called "passive acupuncture."

And, thirdly, the Golden Needle ® has special anti-adaptive suspension. It is known that if a long annoying one and the same point, there maybe getting used to, and it stops responding. Chaotic oscillations of the suspension system allows you to avoid this.

However, the Golden Needle ® technology includes not only setting the needle on the ear, but also a special technique of corporal pricking, which promotes skin tightening and harmonizing the body, improve the immune system and stress, as well as 4-phase system of detoxification of the body — herbal teas and many doctors Fly other know-how.

— Still, thereby losing weight on a technique Fly?

Golden Needle ® inhibits the excessive appetite, helps a person to get rid of improper eating, break all the pathological food circles. Thanks aimed acupuncture actions, our patients stop overeating and reduce weight easily and comfortably. In addition, they improve metabolism and, therefore, the process of disintegration of fat is accelerated.

— Without dieting?

If you're talking about low-calorie diets, there is no — our patients are not hungry. Now I will reveal a terrible secret about which fans are not aware of "rapid weight loss": if a person begins to sharply restrict your diet, it ceases to lose weight.

— How can this be?

The fact is that while losing weight in the body is the breakdown of fat (lipolysis) — is a complex biochemical process, for which the necessary enzymes. But enzymes can not be synthesized from the air, it needs "building blocks" — fats, proteins and carbohydrates, that is good nutrition.

If suddenly at some point enzymes are not enough, the process of digestion of fat just stop. Probably many have heard the expression slimming "weight rose" — a time when some pounds left, and then cock stopped. So, the reason for this "stop" — the lack of supply.

— It turns out that the Golden Needle ® eat what you want, you still get thin?

Not so simple. To reduce the weight once and for all, will have to revise your diet and nutrition to get used to. In addition, the law of conservation of energy, alas, has not been canceled: that fat reserves are spent, a person must consume fewer calories than you expend. So to reduce caloric intake still have, but it will be satisfying, comfortable, well-balanced and very varied diet.

— Tell us about it please.

It's not even a diet, and a healthy diet system that we have developed specifically for patients, reducing weight by the method of Golden Needle ®. Its core — the meat (which is allowed even grilled meats and kebabs), fish, seafood, eggs, dairy products, fruits (except grapes) and vegetables (except potatoes).

— And from what would have to give up?

Temporarily excluded from the diet: bread products, cereals, sugar, chocolate, preserves, pickles, potatoes, grapes and alcohol. These limits must be observed as long as the weight does not come back to normal.

As you can see, on a low-calorie diet is not similar.

— Many women, reduce weight, worried, "What if I lose weight, but do not tighten the skin." Do you have a solution to this problem?

Yes. To combat sagging skin, we use our know-how — the acupuncture facelift (acupuncture zone face and body). This technique is also based on acupuncture: acupuncture as well as all it has a positive effect on the entire body — improves the immune system, increases the body's resistance to stress, as well as with a special technique of the needles we are working on the problem areas (face and body), in response to his skin begin to form special connective "threads" — autofibrilly ™. They act like a corset, tighten, tone and even rejuvenate.

Unlike, say, lifting operations and administration under the skin "golden thread" acupuncture facelift is physiological, natural and does not cause side effects.

— When and how often should I do this procedure that was noticeable results?

We conduct sessions of acupuncture facelift at varying intervals (from once a week to once a month) for the duration of weight loss on the course Golden Needle ®. Sessions can be conducted not only reduces the weight of the patients, but also for everyone to stop the aging of skin and heal your body. After the procedure, the result is visible in two weeks. Our patients are very satisfied with the achieved results.

— It turns out that your authoring technology to reduce weight — it is a complex activities: the installation of a needle, and diet, and akupukturny lifting … I do not remember?

Did you forget about one very important point — namely, about detoxification. The process of fat reduction is accompanied by the poisoning of the body products of fat breakdown. This is a normal biochemical process, but, unfortunately, it can cause a lot of discomfort. Such, for example, headache, insomnia, decreased performance, lethargy, apathy, irritability, bad breath. Especially strongly expressed intoxication, when it comes to weight loss of 20-40 pounds.

— How do you help them to survive it?

With the help of herbal medicine. This is also our know-how. We have developed a unique 4-phase system that allowed virtually free our patients from intoxication. This 4 herbal tea: "Detox morningTM"" The easy way to beauty ® »,« Pirseydzh ® »and« Detox eveningTM. " Each has a unique combination of herbs, taken in a specific ratio, and accordingly, each of them in their effect on the body, and when the amount of daily intake, they provide a body cleansing products of fat breakdown.

— Losing weight on your author's technology looks so simple and comfortable, but how many pounds you can throw at it?

From 4 to 10 kilograms per month. With 95% of our patients retain the result for many years. In my opinion — is the best evidence of the effectiveness of methods of Golden Needle ®.

And finally, a word of caution: Fly technique is only used with Origiteya ®. Any other medical centers that promise to provide treatment by the method of Golden Needle ®, do not have my technique to do with it.


Source: Clinic "Origiteya"

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