Lukashenko in Yerevan for his adopted a former president of Armenia

In the Armenian capital, ended a two-day informal summit of the Collective Security Treaty. The leaders of the six countries of the CIS have decided that until December to work out proposals for changes in statutory documents in order to expand the powers of the CSTO for the greater impact of the crisis situation in the member countries. For example inefficient interactions were identified events in Kyrgyzstan, which, when outsiders inaction led to numerous casualties.

Today, the higher a person to continue talking to Sevan — the largest freshwater lake in the Caucasus.

In December CSTO chairmanship will go to Belarus. To head the organization, Alexander Lukashenko had A year ago, but due to the then Russian-Belarusian conflict gave milk and move to the Moscow summit did not go. At the final press conference, the Russian leader Dmitry Medvedev said that now the Belarusian president expressed his willingness to accept such a mission. In fact it was the only public mention of Belarus, according to which, not very fit Lukashenko and format the Yerevan meeting. Even the official Belarusian media never quoted the head of Belarus and news programs were limited only statements host the event, the President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan:

"We have confirmed that we will stick to the promises made to our May meeting, and agreed to continue consultations on measures to stabilize the situation in Kyrgyzstan. More generally, we talked about the need to develop effective mechanisms for crisis management in the Collective Security Treaty Organization."

Alexander Lukashenko arrived in Yerevan is the first of the guests, but only had a short meeting at the ramp with Serzh Sargsyan, and the next two days with his sons Victor and Nicholas spent in the company of former Armenian President Robert Kocharian. It was on its individual analysts pinned peacekeeping mission, which, however, remained hypothetical.

At the very least, bilateral negotiations Lukashenko and his colleagues have not been announced, so it seems, does not come true hope for reconciliation with Dmitry Medvedev. However, some Russian experts directly claimed in Yerevan Lukashenko must accept the role of a "rogue state": the same Medvedev has directly accused the Belarusian leader of inconsistency with the promise to recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and the head of Kyrgyzstan Roza Otunbayeva, a few months from Belarus seeking extradition of deposed President Kurmanbek Bakiyev.

In addition, immediately after the end of June of the Belarusian-Russian gas conflict, Russian media began a massive information attack against Lukashenko, who is "a parasite on the Russian" and thus tries to all the time cheat. NTV even dared medically diagnosed head of Belarus, that the relationship between the nominal allies — a fact unprecedented.

Author atylukashenkavskaga the movie "The Gospel of the devil" in Russian "Novaya Gazeta" Khalip said that Lukashenko is now difficult, "wash", not only in the eyes of the political elite, but also to the people of the post-Soviet countries, many of whom still pray for him:


"I believe that, given the political prospects of the company to expose the essence of Lukashenko continues. And may continue to speak the truth, yes indeed conditional uncle Stepan of the Tambov province honors, will look not only of" The Godfather "and many others. And then, perhaps he will understand something. But if not, then he did not need to do anything to try to explain. "

While remaining committed to organizations in the framework of the CIS, the official Minsk, however, is less understanding with partners. The so-called Union State of Belarus and Russia turned into a mere formality questioned the participation in the Customs Union, there is a special dividend from the Eurasian Economic Community. Nothing Belarus itself has not yet shown in the CSTO.

Political scientist Vyacheslav Orgish says that in such a situation, the leadership of the country has no choice as to constantly seek new allies:

Vyacheslav Orgish

"Obviously, that today Belarus is changing its vector. In any case, she corrects him greatly. If previously existed so to speak dyhatamichny section — East-West — today, of course, this section is derived from the dual circulation. And in its place intrudes scheme of foreign policy, in fact, is based on a multi-vector. In this multi-vector, in my opinion, sets out specific priorities. One of them is the cooperation with the countries of the west and south of Europe. "

Today, members of the CSTO summit in Yerevan continued informal dialogue on nature — on the shores of Lake Sevan. But journalists to the highest officials were not allowed, so there may be attempts to Alexander Lukashenko palagoditstsa with some colleagues remained behind the scenes.



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