Lukashenko unhappy with government

Society "in January-July this year almost failed the most important parameters and key targets of the forecast (…) As a result of all this is a significant impact on the growth rate, which was 107% against the forecast of 111-113%, "- said Lukashenko.

On foreign investment: "The work of state bodies (…) is very poor, as the net inflow of foreign direct investments in the country amounted to only 20.4% from last year's level."

On trade, "for the 6 months of the year the negative balance of foreign trade in goods and services emerged in the amount of $ 2.4 billion."

Earlier, Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky announced some of the results of Belarus' economy for 1st pavgode:

  • Inflation — 4.1%
  • GDP growth — 6.6%
  • Growth of industrial production — 8.8%
  • Growth in exports of goods — 12.9%

It is reported by Interfax.

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