Mafia and the election

While the entire global gaming community celebrates arrival on the market of the second version action games "Mafia 2", while the Belarusian together with Russian and other players about SNDeshnymi join this joy in Belarus authorities wondered about the virgin soul gamer.

As the Republican portal gamer, law enforcement agencies of Belarus discussed the possibility of identifying all purchasers game that promotes corruption, violence, and respect for the criminal gangs.

In principle, there is a precedent in Belarus far from Italy, where the Italian government issued a harsh criticism of the creators of the game. According to Italian officials, the continuation of a series of Mafia perakreslits every effort of the Italian authorities to create a positive image of the country and the maintenance of a well-established around the stereotype of "the Mafia." But in Italy, where the word "mafia" is a real phenomenon that is inherent in it this country. But in Belarus, the word "mafia" is more famous of the films about Commissioner Qahtani and applies only in the figurative sense. If the say, that a game can be a clue to the real world, then it is unlikely. Hollywood militants who played on the TV in this sense more "instructive." Yes there Hollywood!

Okay, in Belarus long ago abolished the logic, because then you have to ban half of Russian series like "team", where not only promoted, but just apyavyaetstsa life chap. You also need to ban the so-called Russian chanson, which in Soviet times was called "blatata" and then gazebo with yard punks did not leave. And now it has become almost an official background music Belarusian taxi drivers, especially marshrutachnyh. And the presidents of the countries is officially speak thug hair dryer. One wants enemies "soak in the toilet," the second heroically resists "nahilennyu."

And the president banned. Gamers, of course, still downloaded the "Mafia" and not just her, with torrents or any rapidsharu. After a number of Belarusian internet providers is officially offer services to download files from the most vareznyh sites.

We add here, home networking, personal anlim, or just copying from friends.

But the president is not downloaded from the internet. Gamers will have to go to the polls.


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