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"Amber caravan", 20.04.2004, Kaliningrad, n16, p.14

Another story of Anatoly Viktorovich Semennikova that in 80 years, was an artist of the original genre of the Kaliningrad Regional Philharmonic and performed with psychological sessions. * _

Example (it was in Pskov), when, after communicating with aliens He developed extraordinary abilities, his body began to attract metal objects. On his chest he could keep a chuck from the lathe. And it appeared that gift after one morning his attention was attracted by two next growing from a single root birch.

"I see these birch trees suddenly so strongly strongly began to move relative to each other, even though there was not a breath of wind …

Surprised, and then suddenly looked up. Look — hang plate and around the beautiful community. The picture is indescribable and even divine. I just stood in the charm. How much time had passed — I do not remember. Five minutes, ten minutes, half an hour — I do not know. Ochuhalsya only when these Birches "silenced" and cease to swing. "

Ran home — still asleep. He was awakened by his wife, "I saw, I saw a UFO!" And she answered, "Are you already a hangover or something!" (A man loved with or without him lay the collar). Then he sat down and suddenly — bang! Spoon itself stuck to the hand. He began to experiment with other metal objects — the same result. A month later, he found it hard to breathe, and was then turned to me, just at the time I was working in Pskov. Recommend what to do exercises properly discharged and "merge" this energy, so it does not accumulate. Suggested that it is possible to check through any flower if it fades when exposed hands, then she goes, but if the flower comes to life — a prerequisite for a unique opportunity — to treat people. After my recommendations man came to life right before your eyes, he began to feel himself perfectly. He learned to shoot the evil eye from people who treat them. Until now practicing.

But the most surprising, after a meeting with the UFO had left no trace on the heart after myocardial infarction in the past are gone and all the problems associated with the stomach.
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