Many types of weapons in the Army of Ukraine to update and change — in three years

Many types of weapons in the Army of Ukraine need to update and replace - in three yearsAs reported by, this at last February 23 meeting with the students of the Kiev Military Lyceum named after Ivan Bohun President Ukraine Victor Yanukovych.

The main objectives of the military reform, according to Yanukovych, is to create a good number of arms and on the number of personnel of the combat-ready and mobile army capable of providing excellent defense.

Head Ukraine Also note that the updated army should take a proactive role in international efforts aimed at maintaining peace and security. Regardless of the monetary crisis, saw the Ukrainian president, economical funding the armed forces of the country increased from 2010, Yanukovych said that this year the army has increased funding to three billion hryvnia. In addition, president Ukraine has allocated: the main value of financing the modernization of the army. Another step, according to the Ukrainian president should be the optimization of the management structures of the army and its military units.

Yanukovych also noted that many military facilities have already been exhausted on time use. According to the views of the President, through the optimization will save money, which will bring an increase in the level of training and improving combat capability.

The President of Ukraine stressed that the cost of the army planned to increase every year. Costs meant to bring to the level of costs on the aircraft adjacent countries: the Russian Federation and the European Union.

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