Mass mortality saiga recorded in northern Kazakhstan

 Saiga mass death recorded in Kostanai region in the north of Kazakhstan, killing about 80 animals, reported Sunday Emergencies Ministry press service of the republic.

According to the press service, May 19, at 20 kilometers from the village of Sorsha were discovered 80 dead animals (females, the young and males).

According to the MOE, on Sunday at the scene scheduled departure of Task Force Regional Territorial Department of Forestry and Hunting of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic.

Last year, the mass death of saiga was recorded in western Kazakhstan togdapogibli more than 12,000 animals, presumably from pastereleza and overeating.

The total number of saiga in Kazakhstan in 2010 with the death of about 12,000 of these animals in the West Kazakhstan region amounted to 85.5 thousand. Every year for the protection of saiga antelopes spent 125 million tenge (about 800,000 dollars).

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