Mechanized infantry units from Samara perceive the role of the international doctrine inviolable brotherhood-2012

In the Central Military environment (CVO) has begun the transfer of troops and military equipment for the role of the joint peacekeeping exercises of the States Parties of the Contract of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) "Indestructible brotherhood-2012 ". Teaching will be held from 8 to 17 October in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

From the CVO on teaching involved Motorized Rifle subdivision, which is stationed in the Samara region. More than 120 people and about 20 pieces of military equipment will be transferred to Almaty by rail. Thence subdivision marched to the camp, located at the site of Ely. It also Shoshkala landfills and conserve the active phase of the exercise will be "inviolable brotherhood-2012 ".

Within 10 days of military CVO together with the staff of the CSTO member states will work out the different stages of the peacekeeping operation. They will have to do tasks for the separation of the conflicting parties, support humanitarian aid, peacekeeping repel attacks on columns, mine areas, the protection and defense of the objects entrusted, this realm mess, etc.

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