Men who are not served in the military, may lose the ability to hold municipal post

Introduction of new amendments to the federal law "On Military Duty and Military Service" can reduce the list of jobs that will be able to occupy man, never served in the military. This statement was made Colonel Victor Burdenyuk of supplies, which is the chief of department of the capital bases of military service TSVPGV (Center for Military-patriotic education and civilian). He said this on April 2 at the time held in the capital of the round table with the topic "Army or the bullpen. Criminality for evading service: made up of the call or overcrowded courts? "

At the end of March this year on the basis of the Capital Military Commissariat of the meeting of the Defence Committee. Vitaly Ozerov not put forward a number of proposals for consideration by the poor in the Municipal Duma. Specifically, he proposed to retain the recruit job, create a list of positions that can not occupy citizens who have not passed the military service. First, it refers to the caretaker of a trusted tool. Another measure is the guy who does not pass the service, is not entitled to occupy municipal posts. Was cited statistics according to which today every third can not serve in the army on health. Evading service now 235881 people. The expert noted that in 2011, 28% of young men aged 25-26 years have gained and went to serve in the army.

He complained about the lack of attractiveness of the army in society, saying that today in Moscow about 38 thousand people are hiding from the army. According to the views of a professional army was earlier appeal, as the army ran decent people who brought fame to our government. If there are currently open Web, it is possible to behold, "how much mud flows on the ministers." But this is, and behold the recruits. Very basically, that there were people in front of them that they would be proud of. The attractiveness of the army — that is the most basic. The expert said that we should not forget about working with parents, "as they harm the little boys who want to join the army!"

Recall that the upper chamber of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation proposed to oblige recruits to come by for the order to the military. During the 2-week inductee must appear for a summons. The proposal states that if inductee try to escape, then he shall bear criminal act in accordance with Art. 328 of the Criminal Code.

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