Mexico experienced another earthquake

Earthquake in Mexico — not uncommon. That March 20, 2012 was a fairly strong earthquake near the city of Acapulco, the location of which — the state Guerrero, that the Mexican Pacific coast. Power tremors reached 7.9 magnitude. There have been seven.

Fortunately, the recent earthquake there were no casualties, though seven people still received various injuries. As a result of aftershocks have been damaged almost six hundred houses, on the walls of some buildings went crack, but experts believe that these injuries do not lead to collapse. People who have lost as a result of exposure to the elements without a roof over his head, placed in temporary hostels.

The earthquake happened in the middle of the day, at 12 am local time. The depth of the earthquake was seventeen and a half miles, its epicenter was located about two hundred kilometers east of the resort of Acapulco. Mexico City also felt the echoes of the earthquake. In Mexico City, the house began to shake, causing panic among the majority of citizens, and they are scared to leave the building, running out into the street. The earthquake affected temporary disruption of communication, as cellular and traditional phone. Minor but unpleasant consequence of tremors was breaking some traffic lights, causing the formation of a serious traffic jam on the busy streets of the capital.

Immediately after the earthquake on 10 minutes was interrupted functioning Capital International Airport Benito Juarez. Fortunately, the tremors did not affect the operation of the nuclear power plant, located in the state of Veracruz. March earthquake was recognized as one of the most serious occurred in recent years in Mexico.

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