Mikhail Delyagin: Looks like a private army is perceived as a threat to Russian control

Delyagin: Looks like a private army of the Russian leadership is perceived as a threat— Mike G., nedavneshnego day or on the occasion of the 23rd of February, does not it seem to you to figure izymatelstvom Defense Minister Serdyukov over the very thought of the Russian army?

— Well, 23rd February, all the same day Russian army, Russian army in a slightly different story. And the identity of the defense minister and his tireless activity that produces conscious recollection destruction of the army, should not overshadow the main prepyadstviya last — the lack of clear military doctrine. Russian military to this day do not have the answer to the main question though what the army …

— Yes, it is unclear who is a possible opponent. From the army will defend the homeland?

— And what exactly will defend the army? Who is its ally — namely, whether the military allies of the Russian Federation of Kazakhstan (and other Central Asian countries, members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization), and Belarus? It is clear that the defense in the borders, including Belarus and Kazakhstan, as their resources differs qualitatively from the defense only within the limits and with the resources of modern Russia. These options require different approaches.
To which military action is necessary to prepare the army? The U.S. Army, for example, in accordance with an old military doctrine should provide at once strategic nuclear deterrence and maintenance of 2-local wars. Russian army has no such requirements, and therefore in a state of uncertainty.

— And what does that mean?

— The lack of clear and specific answers to these questions do stupid just to formulate the question of what resources, what weapon and what the internal structure necessary Russian army. However, the displayed data on the supply of money to the army crackdown and oppression of civil unrest causes a feeling of preparation of its shift from the reflection of external threats to the oppression of the people of his country and not exalted way of thinking.

On the other hand, the sharp increase in funding (from 116.3 milliardov.rub. In 1999 to 1.3 trillion rubles. In 2010 and estimated 2.1 trillion rubles. In 2013) with a completely trivial undermining the defense (on open According to the Russian military analysts, fighting ability grouping Russian forces in the North Caucasus after the victory over Georgia declined over the two years, more than a quarter — in the process of "military reform") produces memory reincarnation Army "cash cow" of corruption. It seems that the existence of Russian armed forces is no way to ensure security of the country, but only just a great excuse to waste economical means around which fail "from the belly" to feed the corrupt of all stripes.

— How could "have a profession — to defend the motherland"?

— Russian ruling hangout how to recognize, in principle, does not need the existence of the Russian army as a force for ensuring the defense of the motherland, even more so in the presence of a multiplicity of concepts of the elites. Withdrawing their assets and even families over the limit, the representatives of the parties, as can be judged, wholeheartedly convinced that "in the case of what" they will protect NATO forces or any of Switzerland, but under no circumstances be Russian army: They just do not connect with their own future, "the country" which they learn almost a rotational manner.

That's why there is not even a theory, even in order to answer the question every year more and more severe technological challenge to the U.S. and the West in general. Namely, the South American armored vehicles can destroy our tanks with such a distance from which they will not be able to get even the Yankees. South American planes, full of technology "stealth", hitherto unparalleled in the world, invisible to radar. With the help of remote devices Night Vision South American fighters are in real-time deep behind the enemy and keep attacking him, all of this while remaining undetected. Our country, which experts at the first time and made the experienced combat drones, not only does not, and shall procure them in Israel — at a time when the army advanced countries have long not imagine doing without them fighting. Made in Russia 13 years ago, a plane with swept-back wing of the C-37 "Golden Eagle", later renamed the C-47, was due to give a huge impetus to the development of unmanned aircraft in Russia. After all, people are not physiologically able to endure congestion encountered when maneuvering the S-37, which would seem to prejudge the development of remote control over it — but the Russian administration chose to simply shut down the project. South American submarines are using highly sensitive detectors can find virtually any ship in the ocean, all of this while remaining safe. South American missiles can hit any target with such precision that, to experts, the first South American strike our homeland is no longer able to strike retaliation.

— But once we had the world's most powerful nuclear submarine fleet …

Russian fleet of nuclear submarines was reduced to 9 units. We have only two bases on which the squadrons of strategic bombers, with a surprise attack, they will be vulnerable. Mobile units "Topol-M" virtually removed from the sheds, which are in the sights of the Yankees — but in the case of start-up the possibility of the U.S. missile defense intercept is sufficiently high.

With all of this in Russia there is not even the idea of the structure, stimulating technological progress, like the Department of promising research Pentagon (unfortunate DARPA).

So Makarov, a day to celebrate the patron of the Fatherland simply nothing: the modern Russian army, as you can understand, in turn destroyed the control of the country. Now she is ready for combat and even less behind the possible enemies even stronger than Fletcher's shelves first XVIII century. Because of ossification and the formation of specific institutions (including corruption) management culture it simply can not be reformed.

— This sentence army or the country?

— After the recovery of the Russian state will have to create anew "from scratch" a modern army, using the surviving combat-ready components of the Armed Forces, and it forms the latest military culture. The army will have to present a uniformly closed, turning it into a hospice for the generals and "effective managers."

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