Mikhail Leontiev: And the WTO and the Global Bank — all the universities of South American domination of money

Mikhail Leontiev: "And the WTO and the World Bank - all the institutions of the U.S. financial domination"Global Bank gave a positive assessment of the effects the accession of Russia to the World Trade company. According to the views of its analysts, this step will be followed by an additional 3% GDP growth per year, and an acceleration of income growth of at least 7% a year.

No need to count people morons

To begin with, I do not see there is no method of calculation or even a hint of its existence. Another thing is how Russian specialists from the authorities calculated the loss of direct entry into the WTO. They counted them on the principle of direct physical losses due to production cuts in the first step due to the specific displacement of our products are imported, resulting in reduced direct tax receipts, etc. But, in my opinion, such an approach is either ignorant or intentionally fraudulent.

No need to count people morons. We know that there is a cumulative effect. Reducing the creation of one sector, you can not at this the brakes as you begin to further cut jobs and industries that work in cooperation with the sector, after falling purchasing power, and the recession is starting to get an avalanche character. It will pass through many branches, first on those where cooperation is not an easy process and longish chain. Bad effect of the outcome is multiplexed. I suspect that such a method Global bank is not used. Guess how to make forecasts. Here we take some country, which is about the same size in terms of GDP, and it has already entered the Russian Federation to the WTO — at one time and under any criteria, Tipo approximately similar. Multiply these characteristics by a factor up and get weird … A sort of "illarionovschina" when taken about similar things together and are correlated at all flimsy grounds.

Our parliament ratifies basically anything

It's amazing it would be if Global Bank, which is a severe global organization, not a lobbying entry Of in the company, which is in almost everything related to it. That's it — the structure of the global economy, which, in fact, represent the universities of South American monetary hegemony. There is only one country in the world that really could use the structure of South American global domination for their own development. This is China, which conducted negotiations on accession to the WTO over the comparable period of the world, thus leading them very aggressively and successfully, achieving various concessions. But in his case, refers to the country, which has been interested in organically formal tasks and mechanisms of the WTO, ie, during the opening of foreign markets for their own products. Of course, that a country that is a global factory, attracting thanks to cheap labor and the conditions of its record capital, needed a huge outdoor market, the more so that it was no domestic market, not comparable with puzzles development. That is why Beijing has been interested in the showdown with devices WTO foreign markets. For China, there was no question, "Why should we join the WTO?" But there was another problem — "not to engage in all conditions," they decided safely.

Those "ceiling" (ie, out of nowhere who undertook) number of global banks about the prospects of — it's not clear those arguments that I wanted to hear. While this is — the argument of the series "will not hurt you, did not hit very quickly and everything will heal." It is clear that our parliament ratifies basically anything, if there is political will, which will assure the Duma not to. Of course, hope this will still be. In any case, you need to try to do everything to be able to say later: "We did everything we could. If you did not listen to us — sorry, grumble later on myself. "

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