Mikhail Leontiev. Most of the South American hole 3

"History teaches us that it does not teach anybody anything. Everything is already there. History is cyclical, and the history of the economy — even more so. We are not keen on the predictions, we are just stating what is happening."

First channel represents a third of the 4-part documentary film Misha Leontiev "Most of the South American hole-3 ".

Forecasts from the movie 2010 "Most of the South American hole 2 "are implemented to the letter. Their worth to mention briefly. How and why the developed economic crisis in the U.S. in September of 2008? How and why, after the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers — the 1st of the four majestic American vkladyvatelnyh banks — was zero the entire global financial system? How and why the crisis of banks and private companies was the crisis of municipal debt. Those that are impossible to pay at all?

Reminder also need to realize the underlying circumstances and the laws of all economic crises. This is the third in a series of film. Third and fourth series based on the theory of changing economic structures show that the present crisis systemic change and overcome economic and technological eras. In order to understand where it all goes, you need to look like one system: way of life, civilization after another. Today economic lifestyle — South American era — the end. And damn is completed. This is, in fact, the main misfortune, if we talk about changing economic eras. Progress is not necessarily good. And if good, then certainly not for everyone. Nice to take advantage of the fruits of progress. Everyone, except those who paid these benefits.

Crisis — that's half the trouble. The real failure — a way out of the crisis.

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