Mikhail Leontiev: Russia in real time, not have the resources, so that at the physical layer to protect Syria

Mikhail Leontiev: "Russia does not currently have the resources to physically protect Syria"

Naturally, it would be unfair to deny the efforts of the individual and certain tactical successes Russian diplomacy, which does not bend and forcing them to retreat from the memorized declarations

At the present moment in all free elections overcome Assad

If you read through the text (Declaration of the Geneva Conference. — Comm. KM.RU) a refusal to accept the amendment on illegal shipments of weapons in Syria is completely transparent. If the supply of illegal guns, how can oppose the adoption of a resolution against illicit supply? .. That is a diplomatic point of view, this is nonsense. And even if such nonsense does not cause any problems, the position is clear.

In fact, all these negotiations — it talks about nothing. Maybe it is — to gain time, though it is unclear who and what, in this case wants to buy time, as in the Syrian issue, there are two methods to resolve it. No peaceful contact, no coalition, no free elections are not able to resolve the issue.

Quite evident that at the present moment in all free elections overcome Assad. But to hold free elections in Syria at the technical level is unrealistic, because it is a silly conversation. At the moment it is impossible or at the theoretical level, or in fact, as the position of the West is still in the demolition of the Assad government and the support of the rebels, in support of their intransigence.

The second option — to kill the bastard Assad, who is fighting against his country

One version of the situation — that would be a great slaughter, and the outcome determine when the smoke clears and the blood drained. But the outcome is unpredictable, much less that Syria — not isolated countryAll this is in the context of which exists in the region from neighbors, etc.

2nd option — Is to kill the bastard Assad, who is fighting against his country with the role of foreigners. This is — the only way to save the country, no other choice. This is of course to all observers, even biased. From this point of view, paying tribute to Russian diplomacy, I would have all the same was required to state that the strategic and even medium term, that's it — the debate about nothing.

No one knows what's going to act, but it is clear that if the torture to countries with the application of which are currently used, then at some point, so-called. Assad regime will fall. He can not fall, just as the population gets tired. Even if It currently supports it, it is impossible to exist in an atmosphere of growing fear, the more that all this is accompanied and economic pressure and continuous terror. People just get tired.

I do not know what we can do. In fact our homeland in real time does not have such resources and the weight to be able to physically defend Syria. If Syria is very versed with their neuvvyazkami, then there would have been long since there were no militants. And why the opposition insists on the outside of the intervention, not just for the support or assistance, and specifically on the intervention? Therefore that it considers the main task of the company's own external intervention. Since it is in no way able to control the real moment with military puzzles.

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