Mikhail Leontiev: The crisis concerns not just the world, and of so-called golden billion

Mikhail Leontiev: "The crisis concerns not just the world, and the so-called" golden billion "

The Federation Council approved a law that extends the ability of the government's anti-crisis Russia this year. Specifically, the revised measures of state companies and approved by the provisions permitted by the government without making configurations in the budget law to allocate funds Reserve Fund to support the stability of the Russian economy.

In order to counter speculative attacks, requires very frisky acts

It is — just techno piece, in my opinion, quite reasonable in the sense that the support tools are really necessary. All crises are variations on the form of a speculative nature. They always are. They may be base content, but they always form speculative. In order to counter speculative attacks, requires very frisky, strong action. We know from previous anti-crisis measures that they are, in general, to a large extent late, and because of their performance declined. Because if so you are building a crisis management structure, it is necessary to enable these entities to work quickly, otherwise just devalued the meaning of this.

The only thing to say — anti-crisis measures in the form in which they act one way or another, good or bad, in the period since 2008, as we know, enough for a maximum of six months, or even less. How we present ourselves to the depth and length of the coming crisis, and the length of it … In general, there is no end in sight. Of course, strikes, fluctuations, primary wave can be put out by the accumulation and use of reserves, but to confront the crisis is unrealistic. This is — a question that, in fact, determines the length of agony. Naturally, if implemented some fundamental configuration of economic strategy, then surely these reserves may be needed in order to allow time for the transition. But if of these changes in the strategy will not (and they currently can not be seen), then, of course, all of this — the absolute palliative, since the crisis, we really do not beheld. We used to talk about the fact that Tipo is unstable recovery, as if the economy out of the crisis is not very good, but now they say that no one comes out of the crisis.

For the U.S., impeccable crisis applets would dismantle all social programs

"The world economy is doomed to a long-term stagnation" — this is nonsense. Stagnation does not happen instead of crisis, it happens after a crisis, but it has not been like that. It still needs to be earned. This is — an attempt to complacency. If you do not have drugs and you do not see a method of healing from illness, the best way — to refute the disease. From this point of view, all that is done, it is appropriate in technical terms, but it is — generally not anti-crisis measures. We need to realize that kind of thing that in any country of the world is virtually no anti-crisis policy is not conducted.

Crisis We do not regard the whole world, so-called. The "golden billion", ie, the advanced countries of the West. They export the crisis around the world, as whole world running on the system. For example, for Russia it is clear that this is — the question of demand for our export resources. For China, this situation at Chinese-products, ie, the Chinese industrial products (consumer goods, so we read). Fundamentally crisis — it's big bubbles, big, basically unpaid debts that have made advanced countries of the world.

The only method of recovery from the crisis — is to restore macroeconomic balance. While we must realize that the macroeconomic equilibrium will be restored at any cost, but this cost can be very destructive. It can not be very destructive. From this point of view, the anti-crisis policy — is the dismantling of the social infrastructure that advanced countries of the world can not contain. We litsezreem, they go quietly, go yourself, all of these cost-saving measures. It is a rejection of that system of social security in the broad sense of the word — of medicine, health, pension, etc. In principle, the perfect anti-crisis program for America would be programm removal and, in fact, eliminate all social programs, but this one can not, as in the criteria of a modern democracy is in Posted in General unrealistic. Because this decision is made uniformly by the collapse.

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