Mikhail Leontiev: WTO — a man-made crisis. And I do not see how it fits with the Eurasian integration

Mikhail Leontiev: WTO - "a man-made crisis."  And I do not see how it fits with the Eurasian integrationI wish to speak briefly about the descent 2-facts of the week: Putin's speech at the Foreign Ministry and the decision of the State Duma's accession to the WTO. The fact is that I just do not understand how these facts are agreed among themselves meaningfully. I see a "push-pull" in our politics. The fact that the said president, — Is completely true and accurate, but is largely devalued delayed action (after agreement was reached with the WTO under the previous president) in working towards.

The President reaffirmed the priority of the immutability of his own brain — Eurasian integration. We at "However," this is a comment because I will turn attention to just one thing: I think it's entirely true — grant Russian citizenship to all former citizens of the USSR and the descendants of inhabitants of the Russian Empire. Naturally, this is a very risky thing, and not the most popular on-site solution. First, as it is — is Central Asia. But it is better to have these people citizens than migrant workers without rights, as all who are able and willing, it is still coming, and nothing you do not do this. No experience in the world of migration policies that governed with streams of people who want to survive.

I think it's — the logical end of the proof of the idea of Eurasian integration, because if they say "A", then you need read "B", otherwise it is converted to an empty declaration. I'm curious how it will be implemented, and all of it's fun.

All this … it would be great if once this happened shameful meeting of the State Duma's accession to the WTO. The position of "however" on the issue known, and the ratification by the State Duma on it has no effect. To avoid repetition, I will confine myself to a sudden recognition: Can I put a signature under each word communist speaker, who out there in the Duma, spoke. Everything he read — and this is certainly true. I can not share their individual arrivals on the Russian authorities, but as for the objections, they were in essence.

The concern is that even submissions on the ratification of the chairman of the relevant committee of the "United Russia" read some absolutely fantastic stuff. He stated that many will be disappointed at first, but later begins happiness. With what will happen is happiness, to realize completely unrealistic. Especially since he did not disclose the subject, but said a lot of the other: and that we are in crisis grows stronger, and we have even after the crisis became dramatically better than any high-quality properties …

I understand it like this: entry WTO means a man-made crisis, which is made to order, so we were growing stronger. Well, it's fascinating politics, and I do not know the historical precedents where people consciously, sane and hard memory satisfied at crisis.

I have not heard during this meeting nor of the 1st argument in favor of joining the WTO. I've heard a lot of pretty doubtful and disputed excuses to the effect that "not so scary" and "we have taken protective measures." It's like specifically to bring into the country and cholera read that we have a powerful medicine, we took action, we have quarantines, and we will immediately vaccinate all of cholera, but only a small part of the population, and we have enough beds in order to cure all … It's just a nonsense!

Returning to the Eurasian reintegration: I do not understand how it is consistent with the fact that we are entering into the WTO without Belarus and Kazakhstan — with excellent know that Belarus is not just perceive the WTO for political reasons (although the Belarusians themselves do not ).

… I remember that not so long ago president as if people came to the Yankees for what they use "soft power", and now he did after step, saying that we must use "soft power." But "soft force"- It is always a projection of hard power. There is no option in the stories where someone could use "soft power", not having the ability to back up its tough. Our president is very nearly right in everything he says just the right things, but he can not impartially immediately return what is referred to as the hard power, at that scale, in which she had a superpower. And it seems to me that the process of WTO opposite restoration of hard power.

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