Mikhail Prokhorov: conscription will be abolished in 2015

Mikhail Prokhorov: conscription will be abolished in 2015Mikhail Prokhorov, being a presidential candidate, said that if he wins the election, then 2015 the abolition of conscription. He believes that our homeland should not be engaged in preparation for the Third World War, at the same time, the mobile army must at any moment to defend Russian citizens, wherever he may be.

Go with it, Prokhorov believes that the process of formation of Prof. army would provide a new high-skilled jobs. In this regard, he offers to reform the military-industrial complex and form a civilian-military concern, which would be involved in the release of both military and civilian Innovative products.

Presidential candidate believes that the militarization within reasonable limits can trigger the economic development of the country.

He also has an idea, which is that the government should enter into a contract with the military, and after their resignation guarantee their upcoming training, mastery of civilian specialty and following employment.

Namely, Misha Prokhorov believes that military retired completely could work in law enforcement, taking into account the fact that the army is more trusted than the police.

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