Mikhail Saakashvili: We are in the last 15 years is very developed, and our homeland is somehow ignored the …

Mikhail Saakashvili: "We are in the last 15 years is very developed, and Russia is somehow ignored the ..."8 years at the helm of Georgia is a person who is perceived by the overwhelming majority of Russians are some of the perineum link between the traditional Western doll and paramount Russophobe. And if until August 2008 all of these properties sovereign Saakashvili perceived as an ordinary disease that can be cured yet, here after the famous five-day enforcement of our southern neighbor to the world has become quite clear that Misha Nikolozovich really sick, but incurable. Just need to re-emphasize that this is a personal outlook of the majority of Russians. In itself, this kind of judgment Georgia categorically reject people who behold the Saakashvili to another rescuer of the Georgian people.

So where is the truth? Who in fact this date Georgian President? Where does it lead your country? Maybe we intentionally blurred mind to spot the man who really in a hurry to do good and to raise the economy of Georgia to extraordinary heights. Let's try to approach the analysis of policy sovereign Saakashvili from a neutral point of view.

So, in order to give us something to neutralize the situation, try to put on as much as it can be, then it's the Georgian attack on South Ossetia, since this alone can give excuse to reflect on the adequacy of today's favorite, Georgia.

According to countless ratings, which are published in full for yourself notable international agencies, Georgia for the last 8 years included in the list of favorite states, where there is a truly ruthless fight against corruption. Reforms that had Misha Saakashvili in law enforcement agencies (the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Internal Affairs) redrew these agencies beyond recognition. Such an achievement as an unwillingness by the Georgian police and military officials take bribes may seem mind-blowing, but it is. According to surveys conducted in Tbilisi, more than 3 quarters of respondents trust the local and behold the guards about their real support. These words give some propaganda, but the reform undertaken by Saakashvili's really almost completely eliminated the corruption in law enforcement agencies and the bureaucratic apparatus. We wish we like it or not, but here Misha Nikolozovich seriously our appointed Dmitry Anatolyevich. It would seem that there is no corruption, and the means and the way is open for large-scale implementation of plans for retraining security agencies to carry out the principal municipal tasks. But, as it turns out, in Georgia to get rid of corruption among officials and security forces — does not mean combat capability and sharpness growth strategies. This fact is confirmed by the silver-tongued that South American partners seek out the more reason for the postponement on the probable accession of Georgia to NATO. But how so? Let? The Georgian army and police so clean and transparent that how can there be any doubt in the West about the adoption of the Caucasian countries under its wing the North Atlantic. It turns out that a lot of vibration and it seems that these doubts can be fatal for the role of Saakashvili about his forthcoming rapprochement with the Alliance. The thing is that the fight against corruption, the success of which (the fight) Saakashvili and his supporters what they say at least comfortable and embarrassed about it, is not identically equal to the increase combat readiness of the power structures of the country. On the bad and the low skills of the discipline in the armed forces of Georgia declared the South American country instructors who before had the "pleasure" a motley train the Afghan army to "fight against international terrorism." But the Afghans about the words they expressed were not … It says a lot.

Thus, the lowering of the level of corruption in the power of the reports in different rating agencies, as we have just learned not brought the Georgian law enforcement agencies in the number of prepared and capable to real action.

Another indisputable success of Misha Saakashvili during his presidency, many feel the solution of energy problems. Say, formerly Georgia often remained without electricity, and now such prepyadstviya for every Georgian were far in the past. Indeed, the privatization of the energy sector has led to harsh progress in the field of energy supply as a large industrial facilities, and ordinary consumers. It all started with the fact that Saakashvili has entrusted to carry out the restructuring of the industry to South American companies that have begun to establish the energy situation in Georgia. Americans came to solving the problem with the Georgian mentality. In other words, nothing new production they did not build — for themselves more, and simply "popularly explained," the Georgian people euphony Misha Nikolozovich means that you simply need to conserve electricity. Now the main energy agency of Georgia has the opportunity to unplug certain defaulter, that all the other felt themselves quite freely. It turns out that the introduced system of personal accounts Yankees devices, and almost became a "solution" to the energy problem for Saakashvili. Earlier, the Georgians "burned" electricity from Russian manners, and now — not zabaluesh …

Big Brother is watching over you …

Georgia tried and absolutely renounce Russian hydrocarbons. In part, this has promoted Saakashvili Azerbaijan, but is 100% ignored fuel from the "northern barbarians" from the democratic-minded president of Georgia did not. Specifically, it is, in the words of those who categorically supports Saakashvili, and is a prerequisite for "temporary difficulties", appearing in the Georgian economy.

Now it's time to turn to those "temporary" economic difficulties of our southern neighbor. The statistics they say that now the standard of living in Georgia (Despite all the "victory" of Misha Saakashvili) is the lowest among all the states so called Troika Caucasian (Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan). And if you associate with Azerbaijan Georgia actually stupid, because Baku has harsh supplies of hydrocarbons, here's backlog of almost hamstrung Armenia looks hard explain. Not many things worse than in Georgia, the financial situation in the middle of the European countries (if the cargo belongs to Europe) is now exclusively in Moldova. By the way, none of Moldova, Armenia has no outlet to the sea there, and Georgia — have! But Georgia is for some reason does not help. But the Georgian unemployment thrashes all new records. At the beginning of 2012 it stood at over 16%.

For all this they say proponents of Misha Saakashvili, the president of Georgia, despite the difficult economic situation, and found means it is back home to all the victims of the "Russian aggression" 2008. Let's analyze this, too. Neuzh then president got a couple of billion of his own pocket and gave the "bloodless" citizens of their own country. Not at all. Just Georgia in 2008-2009 and maloprotsentnyh received interest-free loans, as grants from international financial institutions in the amount of 20% of its own GDP. These tools and went on patching holes in the budget populist speeches about the "fraternal assistance", which is gratuitous. But as it turns out later help was, to put it mildly, not entirely gratuitous. Full privat
ization, which gave Misha Saakashvili, and the need to pay the bills have led to the fact that vkladyvatelny minus Georgia headed for more than 11 billion dollars, that for such a small country is a colossal sum. It turns out that the emperor Saakashvili took all the credit on the criteria that it will allow foreign firms to participate in Georgia's privatization. Companies have participated, and later also included for Misha Nikolozovich own counter about given to him at the time, "lifting" loans. All of this is painfully recalls the situation in Russia AD 90 (well, excluding the victory over the corrupt Saakashvili, of course).

It should be recalled that the now estimated global economic media reports, about 80% of the companies are located in Georgia, a state where their workload does not exceed 50% of normal. With all of this, many Georgian enterprises are engaged in the so-referred to as the parasitism in the production of other states. Saakashvili decided very open borders both for foreigners and for foreign products. With all of this it was decided to cancel the domestic technical regulations, stressing that Georgia is ready to take zabugornye base for production. It would seem that foreign companies should simply "zainvestirovat to exhaustion" Georgia, but they do not hurry. Why? Yes, because due to the low purchasing power of ordinary Georgians no truly large-scale projects in the Caucasian country, no one is not going to sell. All closed in the best case, the "screwdriver assembly" or by gluing labels on products already made zabugornye.

But this does not cancel dizziness Saakashvili and his associates from success. Now Saakashvili even sees within himself powers to teach communication with Russia and other subjects of international law. On the old days it was reported that Georgia will continue its military-technical cooperation with Ukraine.

And after that inside Ukraine itself specifically Commission has already made one day revealed a purposeful arming Saakashvili before its attack on South Ossetia. In other words, the then Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko knew all about preparing their own plans Caucasian friend, but he continued to supply arms to the funds coming from the U.S. foundations. It turns out that even now we can not exclude the competence of current Ukrainian government plans to Misha Nikolozovich. And if he hopes to join NATO, for which he again came in handy Ukrainian weapons? Neuzh something apart from Ukraine with "Caucasian hero" no one to work in a hurry. Apparently, the dream of "restoring the integrity of Georgia" on their own and Ukrainian "Grad" Saakashvili haunt. But supporters of the latest adventures of Misha Nikolozovich in the world is not so is not small, as in 2008.

At least, on military cooperation with Turkey is already possible to put the bullet. A powerful Abkhazian diaspora in Turkey showed that all forces will maintain ties with Abkhazia is Georgia. Well, hold proceedings regarding support or non-support of Sukhumi, will not have the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan. Him inside the rating of the country is more important than ideology Saakashvili.

It turns out that in such a situation the only thing that remains the Georgian president as rescue its reputation in Tbilisi incomes, capital costs for the products and the loss of credibility on the outside of the arena — is talk about the machinations of the FSB agents, cleansing the bureaucratic ranks of corrupt individuals and call return "selected" from the land of the Georgian people.

Summarizing, we can say that Misha Saakashvili — a man which tries to solve its economic and political problems other people's money. Economic — with the help of U.S. grants and political — with the Ukrainian "Grad". That's all kept secret identity …

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