Millions of Chinese are fleeing their homes

China flooding rains. Hundreds of victims were evacuated millions. Planes can not fly because of thunderstorms and lightning.
Already 350 people have been victims of floods in China, has about 112 missing. Since the beginning of the summer almost the whole country, except, perhaps, the north, the powerful non-stop pouring rain.

Of highly flooded areas continues emergency evacuation. Without native homeless were about 2.5 million people, and an additional 68 million people damaged property.

The storm and lightning canceled hundreds of flights from the main airport of China Beijing Capital — 438 flights delayed flights. At the airport waiting for the second day of their planes, thousands of passengers, according to NTV.

China's economy is losing billions of dollars. The State Committee of the PRC to minimize damage from natural disasters says while about 9.7 billion dollars. But, based on the weather forecast, it's not the end. Today, heavy rain will pour in the south and east, announced the threat mudflows and the collapse of the buildings, according to ITAR-TASS.

In the summer of last year, China also flooded large scale, while killing over three thousand people, even more than a thousand missing.

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