Mirage 4000 multi-role fighter

Mirage 4000 multi-role fighter

First samples of highly maneuverable aircraft with front canards (CSP) have been made on the basis of the famous French fighter "tailless" Mirage 3. This aircraft: Mirage 4000 (France, first flight March 9, 1979), Mirage 3NG (France, 1982), Mirage 3S (Switzerland, 1983). The biggest difference is the layout of the Mirage 4000 aircraft. He has a much greater mass and size, provided with 2 engines. Unlike other designated here machines it CHR made movable and serves to control (along with the elevons on the wing).

Mirage 4000 — first plane scheme "duck", which has a system of artificial resistance.

Mirage 4000 multi-role fighter

Mnogotselevoy Mirage fighter 4000 created by Dassault-Breguet in an active manner. According to experts the office, it can be used to gain advantages in the air and attack ground targets.

On the aerodynamic configuration plane somewhat similar to the fighter Mirage 2000, differs in the presence of the front aerodynamic surfaces (made on a "duck") and installation 2-M53-5 engines. Fuel tanks at the Mirage 4000 is about 3 times greater than that of Mirage 2000 fighter. In addition, under the wing and fuselage, it can carry up to 3 padlocks tanks with a capacity of 2,500 liters. Aircraft radar equip RDM, which then meant to change the improved station RDI.

Mirage 4000 multi-role fighter

Built-in armament consists of 2-30mm cannon "Def." Options hinged arms that will be hosted by 11 nodes under the fuselage and wing panels, the following: two SD medium-range shooting and two — eight ur close air combat "air-air"And four guided missiles" air-land ", 27 caliber 250 kg bombs or concrete-bombs" Durandal ", 18 cluster bombs" Beluga ", 14 guided bombs caliber 250 kg.

New aircraft Mirage 4000 at his own expense the company has undertaken in view of the possible abilities of its supplies to the outdoor market. By mid-1983 was built by one experienced model Mirage 4000, which extends the limited flight tests. According to the statement of professionals, full-scale tests of aircraft, its avionics and weapons will not be carried out prior to the conclusion of contracts for the supply of its countries concerned.

Mirage 4000 multi-role fighter

Aircraft performance characteristics:

Wingspan, m
Length, m
Height, m

Wing area, m2

Mass, kg
maximum take-off

2 turbojet SNECMA M53-2

Thrust, kgf
2 x 9100

The highest speed, km / h
2445 (M = 2.2)

Range, km

Rate of climb, m / min

Service ceiling, m

two 30-mm cannons DEFA.
combat load — 8000 kg at 11 hardpoints
Options mounted weapons:
2 SD and medium-range 2 — 8 UR close air combat class air — air;
4 SD-class air — ground;
27 bombs caliber 250 kg bombs or concrete-Durandal, 18 cluster bombs Beluga;
14 guided bombs caliber 250 kg.

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