Misha Hazin: Western elite condemned itself to destruction

Michael Hazin: Western elite condemned itself to destructionIts ideologists aggressively suppress any attempt to change something constructive

One of the most difficult issues with which I have to face is the problem of interpretation of awareness Western professionals of events taking place in the economy. Many times I tried it, and each time was struck by the fact that no matter how adequate people do a pretty reasonable conclusions — but only up to a certain limit. And then — like a dead end, and begin the mantra repetitions, but to make the next steps forward comes out.

Reflections on the subject led me to believe that all matter in the taboo: the carriers of Western ideology simply can not overcome some of their set at the beginning of their career prohibitions. But here we are spiked with the problem of the other, if they can not do, why are not willing to listen to what they say others? Well, it would seem, our theory of the crisis is available for 10 years as there are other options for clarification existing processes. But their mainstream economists, and behind them, and politicians continue to carry some sort of silly nonsense about which everyone knows is that she has no relationship to reality. The question is: what and why? Are they all completely suck the polls? Hardly. Means there is some other reason. Try to understand.

Western project, as well as any global project, has a design elite, whose goal and task — to save the project in the integrity and ideological continuity. Yes, some small configuration ideology probable, but in general it should be maintained. This means that the entire system of the elite (which, as parts come in and the political elite of the Western project basis, and the global financial elite) must be built on of mandatory and unchangeable "oath of allegiance". As the oath is broken, the respective character is thrown out of the elite.

This does not mean that his "dispossess" either killed: he just starts to rival all as an ordinary man. And it becomes amenable for domestic affairs (for example, hit a person on the road), could lose the economic case in court, etc., etc. In such a situation does not cobble together a vast fortune, and do not save, examples of this mass. As there are many examples of what members of the elite "normal" court how ordinary mortals are beyond.

Note that similar system was in the Soviet Union: there members of the elite were called nomenclature. The system design is built like the West, but a little more difficult. If the Soviet Union was a single system of ideological control (and actually speaking, she became herself fall apart, the Soviet Union was doomed), in the West it is an easy system of clubs, lodges and other organizations. Some we know — for example, the unfortunate Bilderberg Group, but it is, so to speak, at the very top of the pyramid. And it's pretty great.

In the struggle with the Soviet Union, this ideological system has generated a lot more, that is not derived from the basic design principles and prohibitions. Now, in the course of the crisis, the question of their abolition, but there is one major apparent discrepancy. Additional restrictions during the fight against the world socialist system there for a reason, they were a reflection of the type of projects the situation of struggle: the harder the situation, much less aggressively to protect the basic design principles! The Soviet Union is an example: specifically refusal to abide by certain principles in the hope that it will soften the manifestations of the crisis (in this case in a practical situation of winning!), And was the main prerequisite for the collapse of the state.

West project this error did not make it, and he at the moment. What does this mean? The fact that the project did not soften universities ideological rhetoric and principles of design, as it offers Fukuyama, on the contrary, they are much stricter! In other words, the selection of personnel in the lower echelons of the design elite becomes even more tough from the standpoint of compliance with the basic principles of design.

This we can not allow ourselves to arguments about the "end of capitalism" because it does not go in, do not go in and will not go to the elite of this project. But those who went there, very sensitive about the idea of the loss of such status. And to them, the most important thing, constantly shoved examples of what happens to people who break the rules. For example, with Strauss-Kahn. In general, there is a subtle and more than examples of people believe that it is just about the ill-fated case or bankruptcy. Yes, of course, they are often fully take place, but only after removing the "elite defense", without which it is unrealistic to be the owner of a fortune.

And for this reason elite Western project now fell into a state which, by analogy with chess call zugzwang — where at least some progress exacerbates the situation. 'll Say it again (we wrote about it many times): the mechanism of economic development, which was founded West global project of scientific and technical progress, braked by completely impartial reasons. But to condemn these assumptions and somehow try to find a new method of development does not come out, as it certainly contradicts the basic principles of the Western project!

In other words, Suslov and Zhdanov West project intensively and aggressively destroy any constructive attempt to change something in the current situation. Even more than that, people who are, in principle, willing to talk on the subject, are not allowed to more or less severe position in the project, which makes it all the more elite of the "gray" and stupid that we will now look at the practice.

And improve situation can not, as a project elite — And so it is the design that is struggling with all the candidates of its own steel project with his hand, not knowing and not even realize that the same themes of his and destroys. Incidentally, I do not know if you can make an analogue of the Western project without lending rate and the division of labor. It is possible that you can. That's just today's elite with all this will have for the most part completely eliminate what it does not want to scary.

I think that the situation is hopeless. If you remove the ideological part of the Western global project, it will fall apart on a huge number of pieces that will not be global, but will be acutely aggressive each other. And if it does not clean up (the "how" is secondary here), it is very well own the project will lead to a dead end. It seems to me that the second option is more enjoyable from the standpoint of the interests of the world's population, but there's as necessary …

In general, we will look at.

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