Misha Mokretsov was fired. And maybe, for the failure of the state defense order

According to the "MK", Dmitry Medvedev (Russian President) dismissed the Mishi Mokretsova (Deputy Minister of Defence) which posted in the military for military and economic support of the army, and also for the financing of municipal procurement Sun

Michael Mokretsov was fired.  And perhaps for the breakdown of the state defense orderIn principle, this resignation was entirely expected, therefore, as such rumors about walking back in November. But the document to dismiss M. Mokretsova Anatoly Serdyukov (minister Defence) signed, military sources said, another 15 November. And at the moment the paper endorsed the Supreme Commander, giving it the quality of the presidential decree.

It is clear that the pre-retirement M. Mokretsova consists in one thing — he broke into the outlook of the Minister of Defence on the issue of funding defense procurement. By the way, specifically Anatoly Serdyukov has led M. Mokretsova spring of 2010 in the Ministry of Defence on this position, with all this, taking it out of the FTS (Federal Tax Service).

It should be noted that in the summer of last year between the management and the representatives of the military department of defense companies appeared harsh conflict. "Generals" military-industrial complex and the top of the Defense Ministry could not agree together. In the end, what was the state defense order, we can say derailed. The conflict was so massive that went beyond the boundaries of both departments and he even had to step in as prime minister and president. It was only in the middle of November in the city of Severodvinsk in the presence of Vladimir Putin signed the remaining 7 contracts defense procurement, the estimated cost of which amounted to 280 billion rubles. By the way, in fact at this time, it was decided that M. Mokretsov must liberate occupied position. Maybe he just became that a "scapegoat" for whom and dumped a whole load of guilt for the failure of the above-mentioned defense contracts.

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