Misha Saakashvili presented the first drone, made in Georgia

Mikheil Saakashvili presented the first drone, made in Georgia

First unmanned aerial vehicle produced in Georgia on Tuesday, April 10 was presented to President Misha Saakashvili. The President also took part in the tests UAV, produced in Georgia, said in a statement sent to the "News-Georgia" the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

"Test new UAV passed in heavy relief and weather criteria, "reported the press office.
The report said that the duration of the flight drone on which the gasoline engine — the eight-hour flight altitude of 100 to 3,000 meters, the speed from 60 to 160 km / h Takeoff UAV is using a pneumatic catapult. Managing flight operated remotely by means of special software.

On bespilotnike can be arranged two-part video platform, camera, and an infrared thermal camera.
"UAV — a system equipped with a new technology and it is intended for observation flights during the conduct of complex combat missions, and for other purposes," says the Ministry of Defence.

In the middle of the tasks for which the UAV can be used are listed "border patrols, support for the Coast Guard, conducting reconnaissance in the daytime and at night, watching the war zone, goal setting, and radio-electronic reconnaissance, assessment of damage and casualties on the battlefield, aerial photography, geophysical exploration, the embodiment of the monitoring zone of natural disasters, supervision and inspection of radiation. "
After performing the tasks and the end of its own UAV flight in the landing of the aircraft parachute opens automatically and along with it comes the inflation of the airbag.

Defense stresses that Georgian UAV can be used in all weather criteria and also with significant temperature changes.

This year, the President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili already taken part in the presentation, and the test is done in Georgia installation of reactive type GRAD multiple rocket launchers and armored vehicle on tracks Lazika.

Demonstration of the latest multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) of a type of Georgian GRAD accomplished March 3, when Georgia is celebrating mothers day. Tests were held at a military training ground in Vaziani (near Tbilisi). Quantity guide shafts unit — from 40 to 80 gauge shells — 122 mm, a small angle of inclination of guide — 0 degrees, most — 60 degree horizontal rotation to the right of the chassis — 80 degrees to the left of the chassis — 130 degrees. MLRS mounted on a motor vehicle combat, can lead fire without preparatory training positions and no exit from the cabin crew, which reduces to a minimum the time volley. The car armored cabin that accommodates 5 people and provides protection from bullets and shrapnel.

Earlier, on February 25, when Georgia celebrated day occupation of parts of the Red Army, Saakashvili took part in the trials of the first Georgian BMP Lazika (Lasik). BMP armed with the heavy armor can withstand a bullet 14.5mm, it is set to adopt a remote automatic control — 23-mm gun and 7.62-mm. Also on the BMP installed night vision devices, thermal sensors and thermal cameras that allow the machine to move in all criteria.

Then Saakashvili said that Georgia's military industry is well developed in the future of its products will be sent for export.
In 2011, the Ministry of Defense Georgia presented APCs "Didgori" produced in Georgia, 2-types. They differ in capacity and armament — MINIGUN or 12.7 caliber machine gun. Weight machines is about 7 tons, armor protects the machine from the entries of small guns.

Mikheil Saakashvili presented the first drone, made in Georgia

Mikheil Saakashvili presented the first drone, made in Georgia

Mikheil Saakashvili presented the first drone, made in Georgia

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