Mobile battle laser HEL MD — Phase II will begin in 2013

Now the world is developing rapidly develop and test different laser systems. Already been carried out tests Laser weapons on the ground / water / air / space. Tests demonstrate the effectiveness of the new development, and only available technology "restrict" scientists in the early development of lasers.

Mobile battle laser HEL MD - Phase II will begin in 2013

On this day, there is a fairly effective means of protection against missile weapons, ammunition, artillery, and mortars. While fighting the implementation of these solutions is in seconds, and it is only enough for the opportunity to escape. The beam of the laser gun is moving at a speed of 186,000 miles / s, and will be able to accurately and rapidly hit the solutions used by the enemy. Another factor "for" laser guns should be in store shots, which at the present time is limited only by the power supply.

In passing the tests according to developers, will explore ways to prepyadstviya management solutions for cooling down, miniaturization and power source.

Development of laser systems in the United States was the 1970s, but only in recent years, laser systems have begun to work successfully as a martial weapon. In recent years began to use the technology of solid-state lasers, which led to a significant development of laser systems.

Boeing — the company has long been working in the area of the creation of the Innovative developments for many years engaged in the creation of laser weapons. At this time, she successfully developing a project of mobile laser system, developed on the basis of the previous project «Avenger». Mounted on a mobile platform battle laser will be able to kill and disable large class of rockets and missiles, drones also.

Chassis — military vehicle "Hammer", where «Avenger» started testing a couple of years back. Power 1kW predecessor. This system under the title «HEL MD» receives the laser system at 10 kW. Military truck "Hammer" — a four heavy truck series «HEMMT». At this point last work on increasing the power of the laser. Perhaps at the test has to be installed laser capacity of more than 10 kW.

Mobile battle laser HEL MD - Phase II will begin in 2013

Work on the creation of mobile military laser system are conducted by "Boeing", together with spices center «SMDC». It is reported that in the future, the programm will be translated into the development of the second phase of implementation of the programs from «HEL MD».
The second phase will last for 3 years. The main goal — to work power laser range increment of implementation, to do better overall performance characteristics of the laser system. Beginning of the second phase — 2013 year, in which will begin field tests in which process will be the ability to work «HEL MD» to find the target, to support, to hit / kill the target.

The program is carried out in accordance with the signed contract on test laser guns with the command KPRO U.S. — creating a mobile laser cannon of 100 kW. Tests 10kW laser will enable further integrate without problems in the laser power of 100 kW or more. According to the task, acquired from the military, the laser can be used for personnel and ground equipment easy opponent. By the end of the first year of testing company "Boeing" has to prove to the customer efficiency and reliability of the guidance system, and, more fundamentally, the power plant. In the years 2015-2016 are planned seasoned real test installation in the military units of the American Army.

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