Mobile coastal defense missile complex Club-M

Mobile coastal defense missile complex "Club-M"

Mobile missile complex "Size M" (export designation Club-M) is designed to organize antiship defense and military strength give objects coastal zone, as the defeat of a wide range of stationary (fixed) ground targets at any time of the day under normal and adverse weather conditions. Developed by JSC "OKB" Innovator "(Ekaterinburg).

The complex "Size M" are:
self-propelled launcher (SPU)
transport and loading vehicle (TLV)
cruise missiles 3M-54E, 3M-54E1 and 3M14E in transport-launch containers (TLC)
machine logistics,
machine communication and control
providing equipment and storage of missiles.

STC and TRV complex can be located on the chassis of the Bryansk automobile BAZ-6909 (for the armed forces of the Russian Federation) or Belarusian MAZ-7930. SPU comprises 4 to 6 transport-launch containers with missiles (see photo) for various purposes. The highest speed of the Socialist Party on the highway — 70km/chas, on the road — 30km/chas. The stores range without refueling — more than 800 km.

Mobile coastal defense missile complex "Club-M"

The presence of complex weapon systems 3M-54E1/3M-54E anti-ship missiles and high-precision cruise missile ZM14E created to attack ground targets, in totality with a unified management of the complex provides exceptional flexibility, efficiency and versatility of implementation including on a purely land theater of war.

With the help of his radar installed on the machine communications and control center "Caliber-M" is able to independently create the detection and tracking of surface targets, and target distribution loss targets tracked 3M-54E1/3M-54E anti-ship missiles. The presence of active and passive radar detection channels allows for flexible detection strategy, including secretive. Complex can obtain current information from the higher command Fri and external reconnaissance and target designation.

Slightly disk imaging of missiles in the complex:

Anti-ship missiles 3M-54E and 3M-54E1 have virtually identical basic configuration and a very unified. Rockets are made by conventional aerodynamic configuration with a drop-down trapezoidal wing span 3.1m. The missile 3M-54E is from the starting stage, sustainer stage subsonic and supersonic combat stage solid propellant. Warhead — penetrating type to undermine the good depth. The missile has two stages 3M54E1. Avoiding the use of third-stage supersonic missile has permitted equip 3M54E1 stronger warhead and missile range increment. Due to the minimal length 3M54E1 can be located in the shortened torpedo tubes.

Mobile coastal defense missile complex "Club-M"

The missile 3M-54E

Start degree provides start and acceleration missile is equipped with a single-chamber solid-rocket engine, the same engine cruise missile 3M-10 "Garnet". In the rear of the starting grid level are located stabilizers.

Marching stage — provides flight on the main section of the line motion with a transonic speed, is equipped with a compact turbofan engine turbojet-50B ("product 37-01E"). Turbojet-50B is designed Omsk Motor Engineering Design Bureau (JSC "OEDB") and standardized for all missile complexes "Calibre". Turbojet-50B — turbofan two-shaft turbofan engine with the low-coaxial shafts and high-pressure, friendly polupetlevoy annular combustion chamber. The contour of the highest pressure — osediagonalnyh compressor (one stage axial and one diagonal) and a single-stage axial turbine. Low pressure circuit — single stage fan blades of wide and single-stage axial turbine. Reliable starting of the motor is provided across the spectrum of the external criterion of operation from -50 ° C to +60 ° C. Length turbojet-50B — 800mm, width — 300mm, traction — 270kgs.

Mobile coastal defense missile complex "Club-M"

The missile 3M-54E1

Board control system of missiles 3M-54E / 3M-54E1 is based on an autonomous inertial navigation system AB-40E (developer — Municipal Research Institute of Instrument). Guidance on final line of motion by using noise-active radar homing seeker-54. ARS-54 was developed by "Radar MMS" (St. Petersburg) and has the highest range of actions to 65km. Head length — 70cm, width — 42cm and weight — 40kg. ARS-54 can operate at sea up to 6 points.

A cruise missile 3M-14E complexes "Caliber-PLE", "Caliber-NCE", "Size-M" is equipped with a solid-starting engine in the rear of which there are lattice stabilizers. Marching-50B turbofan engine ("Product 37") — a compact turbojet, unified for all missiles complexes "Caliber" developed Omsk Motor Engineering Design Bureau (JSC "OEDB").

Mobile coastal defense missile complex "Club-M"

Mobile coastal defense missile complex "Club-M"

The missile 3M-14E equipped with a combined guidance system. Control of a rocket in flight — one hundred percent independent. Board control system is based on an autonomous inertial navigation system AB-40E (developer — Municipal Research Institute of Instrument). The system comes to missile control radar altimeter RWE type-B (developer — UPKB "Detail") and a signal receiver satellite navigation system (GLONASS or GPS). Altimeter provides flight mode, rounding relief by providing a clear height-keeping: over the sea — less than 20 meters, over land — from 50 to 150 m (at the approach to the goal — reduction of up to 20 m).

The flight of missiles held by the pledged route in advance, in accordance with the intelligence data regarding the target position and the presence of air defense. The missiles are capable of overcoming the developed area of enemy air def
enses, which provides maximum low-altitude (with terrain following), and autonomous guidance in the "silence" on the main site. Adjustment of the trajectory of a missile midcourse performed according to satellite navigation subsystems and subsystem adjustments to the terrain. The mechanism of the latter is based on a comparison of the terrain a certain area of finding the rocket with the reference maps of the terrain along the route of its flight, with the previously laid in memory of the onboard control system. Navigation is made difficult by the line of motion, rocket has the ability to bypass the strong zone defense / missile defense opponents or complex terrain in relief — by entering the coordinates in the flight plan so called Fri turn in a route (up to 15 control points) (see diagram line movement).

Guidance on final line of motion by using noise-active radar homing seeker-14E, great singles out hardly detectable small targets against the background of the underlying surface. ARGS-14E head diameter — 514mm and weighs 40kg developed by JSC "NPP Radar MMS" (St. Petersburg), has a viewing angle in azimuth (bearing) ± 45 °, in elevation — from +10 ° to -20 ° . Typical target detection range of about 20km. Excellent maneuverability with high precision allows to deduce the missile to the target.

3M-14E missile armed with a strong 450-pound high-explosive warhead with the option of air blasting. A variant of missiles with cluster warhead completed with shrapnel, high explosive or chemical attack elements to strike against area targets and extended.

In the first set of "Size-M" / "Club-M" was shown at an exhibition of arms and military equipment in Nizhny Tagil in 2006

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