Model betrayal of Georgia in time

Model betrayal of Georgia in time

2008, many Russians remember not so much the inauguration of Dmitry Medvedev, the Beijing Olympics or the beginning of the global financial crisis as the August South Ossetian five-day war. In an armed conflict between Georgia and the Republic of South Ossetia and Abkhazia was required on the side of the unrecognized republics speak our native land. To say that these actions came as a surprise, it would be incorrect. Chronicle of Georgia's relations with Russia and other global powers indicates that nothing accidental in historical events do not happen.

Historically, the Georgian principalities were always willing to live under the rule of foreigners, showing them his loyalty, to pay tribute to intrigue and receive remuneration, but with one condition — the foreigners have to be strong. In this case, the Georgians believed that the "boss", which they obey and serve, had to ensure their safety on a global level. And this is the main factor on which Georgia has always "choosing" to himself "lord" over the last 500 years.

It happened with Russia, which is invitingly called Georgians after easing past their own masters — Iran and Turkey. Georgia, referring to Orthodox unity, urged Russia to come to the Caucasus. In July of 1783 was signed by George's treatise on which Our homeland has taken under his wing Eastern Georgia. In November of the same year, Russian military forces entered the Tiflis.

And now make out model is the existence of Georgia in time:
— Getting the cargo of another new "master" one of the methods is come out of (gain) or invited residents of Georgia itself;
— top of peremptory Georgian structures completely siding with the new "owner", the people of Georgia are uniformly "become like" on people's own patron, showing his communion with him;
— Georgian power uses all available means to get from the "master" as much money and political gain confidence;
— if the "boss" slabnet, Georgia considers that this fact threatens its interests, but always uses a temporary benefit — to profit at the expense of some time-controlled territories and resources "master";
— and, of course, Georgia finds a new patron, and the pioneer projects more and caressed dealt bountifully with an old "master" to know;
— Georgia, telling strshnye things about the ancient "host", immediately praised the new candidate in his own "master";
— How to make a new alliance, Georgia immediately begins to capture areas adjacent states (including those belonging to remain "master", showing him his aggressive attitude).

Everything — the cycle is complete. Now you can start from the first position.

This cycle Georgia has complied not only with the former "masters" — Turkey and Iran (1801), and with Russia (1921).

Specifically, the capture area of South Ossetia and Abkhazia was the last stage of the historic "Russian" cycle Georgia. It should be noted that Georgia's territorial acquisitions of land in these republics was the fact that the transfer of the Georgian Stalin's decision (territorial and economic benefits from the "master": according to the above-considered Georgian cycle model). After the merger itself, the Georgian authorities have started "ogruzirovaniyu" new territories: accepted laws carried relocation of indigenous people of Georgia in Abkhazia (oversaw the resettlement Beria).

After the war, Georgia was treated kindly Russian government more than any other republic. This is due to the favorable geographical position, the possibility of development of small and private businesses (which has been banned in other republics), supporting the interests of Georgia at the governmental level (Shevardnadze and Mzhavanadze).

Then came the 80s. A patchwork Russian country begins to crumble. For Georgia, it is a signal to find a new "patron" (ending with Georgian step of the cycle). Caressed by the Russian government, Georgia, before the Belovezhskaya agreements and separation from the Soviet Baltic republics, convenes in April 1991 referendum and declares its own independence.

The first steps under the control of independent Georgia, Zviad Gamsakhurdia — Ossetian war (lasted 18 months until 1992), the Abkhaz war. Two Georgian side has lost the war. Gamsakhurdia loses power and runs to Chechnya forthcoming his fate unknown. Most likely, the problem was the fact that Georgia has to expand its area belonging old one "master" not to find a new patron! (Broke his betrayal same model).

At the helm of the country to become an experienced politician — Shevardnadze. He began intensive search for a new owner. Bidders are not so not enough: the U.S., EU, NATO. According to the historical scheme of Tbilisi Georgian stops on a bunch of US-NATO. All actions of the Georgian authorities and, most importantly, the glorification of the South American style of life, have led to the fact that Washington considers Georgia its small child (even hysterical and incoherent), but a loving heart to all America. Georgia became a recipient of U.S. aid: money, political, military, and not only. Many foreign countries support the Saakashvili government — not for nothing that the Georgian authorities are called "children of the Soros Foundation." Georgia Russia can not stand not only on the individual, and at the municipal level. Russophobia became the official policy of Tbilisi. Georgia tries at all levels bump heads Russia and the United States. Tbilisi announced his own desire to join NATO, is involved in the construction of oil and gas pipelines that pass around of, supports all international initiatives if they are to the detriment of Russia. In the end, Georgia supports the separatists of all stripes who are waging a war against Russia, including militants from Chechnya.

At this point, you can read about the betrayal of Georgia in a country that has held her own pearl, giving it all she had. Wise Winston Churchill called betrayal special political gift. Georgia has this unique gift.

Given the timing of the Georgian cycle of betrayal, 10-15 years Georgia turn away from the United States and begin to search for a new patron: maybe it will be China, Europe, or no matter what other country, but certainly powerful.

In the meantime, Georgia, receiving international support, has become not only a center of support Caucasian gangs, and she would not mind to take part in the territories of independent states under the guise of the new owner of its own — the United States.

Even when in power, Shevardnadze of Georgia sovereign power structures on behalf supervised and assisted in the transition of the Russian countryside militants, leaders of Ichkeria government, Arab mercenaries. Also helped move them into the country Near East and Europe. Many fighters have been legalized in Georgia. Most of them continued to work in the area of Georgia contraband products and tools from Turkey, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Ukraine. Arab backers of the means (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Algeria) means the Georgian authorities supported terrorist activities in the North Caucasus.

Specifically on the areas of Georgia is the focal point of Chechen illegal formations, which together with the Georgian power ministers and authorized the Georgian government officials, not only is engaged in supply of Chechen terr
orists, and produces a transfer of mercenaries in the area of Chechnya. All persons involved in the chain of financial and material support of the North Caucasian gangs, and not forgets about their own benefit: a significant portion of the money transferred by them to their personal accounts. For example, most of the money received from the 1st of the emirs of the Arab country of 5 million dollars and intended for the purchase of arms, came to the personal accounts of the management of the Georgian power structures and coordinator of the North Caucasus militants, and the remainder was purchased in Ukraine "substandard "military equipment. INCOMING same weapons for armed groups in part directed to the destination through the Pankisi Gorge in Georgia, and partly settles to the Georgian military warehouses. About dishonesty Georgian control structures states and the fact that the staff in charge of military intelligence Georgia, did not hesitate to organize kidnappings and extortion of funds.

Georgian favorite constantly meets with management communities abroad. His main request to his countrymen — support Russophobian Tbilisi's position on all the global political level, as the organization of the pressure on Russia in terms of the Chechen diaspora. The Georgian administration decides steps for the creation of an alternative government of the Chechen Republic. Work with the Government of the Chechen Republic "in exile" in charge of Deputy Interior Minister Georgia. Work with refugees and diaspora minister leads the government of Georgia and the United States finance these activities and management of Near East. Georgian authorities extensively uses the ability of both proprietary and zabugornyh media to discredit the work of the Russian Federation to reduce tensions in the Caucasus region. The separatists of all kinds are attracted to this work.

Of course, with the passage of time and the history of the world society will appreciate the insidious activities of the Georgian authorities to support terrorism.

Terrorism can not be the problem of the 1st country. Only joint efforts of all states, including the United States and the Near East, which currently support the Caucasus terrorist groups, you can get rid of the risk of terrorist attacks.

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