Modernization of military equipment abroad will help us

It would be illogical if recently election authority did not react to a sobering statements by the Chief of the General Staff, Army General Nikolai Makarov, made them 17 November 2011. Recall that the general severely criticized some Russian standards Military Equipment, namely, those who had taken only praise and read about their exclusivity and Advantages over zabugornom counterparts. It was about the main battle tank of the Russian Army T-90, also on the system of multiple rocket launchers "Smerch". Makarov compared them with zabugornom rivals in this component as a firing range. The comparison was not entirely in favor of the Russian guns. Our tanks and multiple rocket launchers beating much closer own half of Israeli and American counterparts: Merkava MK4 and HIMARS.

And the reaction of the authorities really did not expect a long forced herself. Sensing the direction in which the wind blows, and how might change style Russian military equipment, Medvedev promised that the government will allocate serious money for the purchase of the most modern Russian Military Equipment for the Armed Forces. With all of this gently President said that the government will continue to buy foreign standards Military Equipment, but will do so in the limited boundaries, in other words, in a few instances, "it was clear to us than equipped foreign army."

The possibility of so limited in the amount of purchases "single copies" of foreign Military Equipment, on the views of Medvedev is justified by considerations of gain motivation Russian producers to create more advanced models guns. And, of course, the President did not forgot to say the right words about the need to modernize Military Equipment"On buckets, which are often standing on the equipment, not to mention ride them hard to start, what to talk about the military component." It is difficult to argue. But that still plan to do?

Currently in Russia implemented a state program of armaments for 2011-2020 with the prescribed amount of cost-efficient financing to 23 trillion rubles. The state program, namely, the acquisition provides for vertoletonosnyh 4 French amphibious ships docks of the "Mistral". The translation of these purchases are justified by the need to obtain modern shipbuilding technologies, such as development modular assembly.

Other than that, not so long ago, the Ministry of Defence bought from the Israeli company IAI batch of unmanned aerial vehicles. The amount of this contract is approximately 200 million dollars. Another contract for the supply of components for the assembly of such devices cost the Russian Defense Ministry as early as 300 million dollars. Also, the Ministry of Defence has signed an agreement for the supply of armored vehicles Iveco LMV Lynx Italian production. Our homeland will buy abroad and lot more armor, but not just anywhere, but in Germany: German armor Rheinmetall, of course, stronger and cheaper than the Russian. The Ministry of Defence believes that the technology acquired in conjunction with these purchases, will significantly improve the quality and combat abilities of the latest Russian Military Equipment. Not on the other, we take the example of China. We are going to copy foreign standards, giving them new names?

If we talk seriously, foreign technology — it is excellent. A healthy exchange of experience has not harmed anyone. For technology in Europe drove more young Peter I. But let's not forget that all of the breakthrough projects of the Russian military-industrial complex Russian era that made impartially best standards of Russian guns, carried out not because of their cheating with someone's drawings, the use of zabugornyh technology, and thanks to this dedication of our designers own cause, their stunning resourcefulness, ability to work in the criteria of time pressure and hard administrative pressure, from time to time under the threat of criminal prosecution. With all of their own shortcomings, Russian military-industrial complex management model meant all the conditions for the creation of new weapons technologies that are the best in the world. The fact that segodnyaschy authorities officially recognized the need for the introduction of foreign technology in order to improve the properties of Russian arms — a landmark event, indicating either a dead-end state of the Russian military-industrial complex and the military-design ideas in general, or the unwillingness of the authorities to invest in its development, about avoiding difficulty finding her "simple" solutions, which, in turn, is able to completely deprive the status of a leading Russian military-industrial power.

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